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Tabletop Spotlight: Near And Far

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Jul 05

Red Raven Games is back with another expedition into their shared universe of games – come check out Near and Far!

We really liked what we saw with Above and Below and Islebound and our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy know this. That’s why when they brought over the next game set in the same universe I got pretty excited to see what it had in store. Near and Far is next up under the Tabletop Spotlight:

Near and Far is an adventure/storytelling game set in the same universe as Above and Below and Islebound. Players take the role of one of the eight adventurers. Each character will grow, develop, and change as the you play through the game. But let me back up a step – this isn’t just one game: it’s 4! There is the basic scenario where you learn the ropes. From there you can dive into the story mode or adventure mode. Or you can skip the story and go right for the action in arcade mode.

Adventure mode is where players will explore 10 different maps and have 10 different experiences on their way to the Lost Ruin. Along the way they will gain experience and abilities. Each map will have a unique adventure that is tied to that location – how you approach the adventure will change depending on how you’re character has developed up to that point.

Story mode is where players will play a seires of linked games (typically 3 or 4) that take you though a characters story arc. The choices you make will impact options down the road and influence the outcome of the game.

Arcade mode is the more action-oriented adventure type of game. You could run these as one-offs or just do a few of these in a row, but the basics are that you have an encounter deck that you’ll play through. Each card has their own choices and decisions to make.


The Atlas is the spiral bound book that you’ll be using to move around the world. Each map is unique and presents it’s own challenges. You’re out to explore and encounter different beings and places. How you interact with them is up to you! Are you going to try to fight your way across the world or will you seek allies to aid you? Will you resolve your issues with a silver tongue or are you going to use your fists for this one? That is up to you in this fantastic new game.

Download the Rules HERE

The Gameplay is very clearly RPG inspired, but that’s not all this game offers. It also has some fantastic components – not counting the wonderfully illustrated Atlas, the character tokens are colorful and full of character. The materials are great and the rest of doodads and components are all high quality. I was really impressed with how this game is packed and put together. I haven’t even touched on the cool story that was worked up for all the characters and how well it’s all done. Near and Far is an excellent addition from Red Raven Games – plus you can use some of the heroes in Above and Below, too! Overall, if you want continue your adventures in the shared universe of Red Raven Games, you’re going to want to pick-up Near and Far!

Near and Far

Journey through a book of maps filled with amazing adventure in this storytelling sequel to Above and Below.

  • Choose your path in connected quest lines
  • Includes a gorgeous atlas of 11 maps to play on!
  • Buy skills for your character over a ten-map campaign
  • 2-4 players, 90 minutes
  • Search for a lost city in a strange and wonderful world of ruins;
    manage and recruit adventurers, each with a unique identity;
    read from a book of stories, building an amazing and memorable tale each time you play!

Choose How You PlayWith 4 different game modes, 8 different characters, and 11 different maps, Near and Far offers you unprecedented control over how you play.


Each decision you make in the story leads you down a different path, meaning there’s always something new to discover in the vast and varied world of Near and Far.


Where ever you are, the adventure awaits you in Near and Far!

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