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Wyrd: First Look at Charles Edmonton

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Jul 08

The latest addition to The Other Side is a decorated soldier and sharp shooter.

via Wyrd:

Charles Edmonton is one of the most decorated officers in the King’s Empire. After serving a stint with the Dragoons, Edmonton went on to serve for a time in the Royal Rifle Corps. Years of distinction lead to his continued promotion, which in turn resulted in his position as a Captain today. Edmonton is known for both his unquestioned integrity and for never backing down from a fight. He’s a career soldier, and serving in his Majesty’s army is the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life.

He is particularly renowned for his accuracy. This served him well in the Rifle Corps, where he caught the eye of an up-and-coming British firearms manufacturer. They outfitted him with a prototype SMLE Mk III Sniper Rifle, a weapon of incredible range and power (and bulk). In the Battle of London, Edmonton was a key player; if not for his efforts, countless civilians would have perished, and the Hordes would have claimed even more of the city as their own.

In terms of game play Edmonton is all about Missile Actions. Sniper Rilfe lets him put out plenty of damage on his Activation, and Fire, On My Mark! enables an adjacent Fireteam to be Inspired and take a Missile action. Even though Edmonton’s gun is Strength 2, it can pierce enemy armor using his Piercing rule. To get the most bang out of his abilities choose targets carefully. Use him to assist Fireteams take down enemy Champions and Adjuncts using his Accurate rule.


He’s a danger from multiple positions around the table thanks to his ability to flip to Glory, which gains him a Morale action that allows him to cover a great deal of ground and shoot. Edmonton also has the King’s Empire’s ability, so he can get the Rush Order and still use a Missile Action.


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