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40K: Ad Mech: New Codex Wishlist

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Aug 23 2017

The Adeptus Mechancius are getting new codex after the Death Guard – What would you like to see added to their faction?

We now know the Adeptus Mechanicus is heading our way soon-ish. We’re really excited to see them get a new codex with all the parts of the Ad Mech combined into one fully fledged fighting force! …Or at least collected together in their own book. The Ad Mech has always been an army with units that work together to become something greater than themselves. They’ve got the Cult Mechanicus, the Skitarii, and the Knight Houses that form the three pillars of their army.

While this is a pretty strong foundation it still feels like there are  a few key elements missing from their unit pool. With a new ‘dex on the way now is the perfect time for some wishlisting as to what we want to see in the new full codex!


The Adeptus Mechanicus is one of the most technologically advanced Imperial armies in the game and yet they don’t have their own flyer option. Regardless how you feel about flyers in 40k, the fact that the Ad Mech doesn’t have one strikes us as very odd. Having a flyer unit seems like a natural fit in terms of adding a cool, new model and adding something the army is missing. Now the question is what type of flyer? And which branch of the tree gets this new unit?

Ornithopter Sketch via Dune Wikia

In my mind their is one type of aircraft that fits the aesthetic of the Ad Mech Skitarii forces better than most others: The Ornithopter. The idea of an Ornithopter has been around for ages and has been designed and re-designed for all types of Sci-Fi interpretations. Why I think it works for the Ad Mech is because classic Ornithopters are attempts at mimicking the “natural” way of flight – which is a bird/insect flapping it’s wings. Of all the factions in the Imperium, the Ad Mech strike me as the ones who could pull this concept off the best. A cross between a hardcore military vessel and a graceful bird/insect like flyer – the Ornithopter would be perfect.


I think the Skitarii should get this flyer as well because they are the most “humanoid” of the three branches. Plus, based on how the Robot Cortexes of the Machine Cult work, I think they would need a mind capable of making quicker assessments of a battlefield as the pilots of these flying machines.

The Ornithopter concept could easily be modified to either be a swarm of smaller flyers, a larger gunboat or….

A Transport

Our frequent contributor Stormcaller mentioned this back in October of last year – but seriously, where are the Ad Mech’s freaking transports!? To re-interate his point, the folks that build everyone else’s transports don’t have a ride to the battlefield they can call their own – what gives? I think he’s got a great point!

Back in the 30k days, the Mechanicum had the Triaros Armoured Conveyer as their main battle transport. 10,000 years later it’s suddenly…gone? For a group that worships machines as gods, I find that very hard to believe! Now, maybe this is just one of those GW/FW things where they don’t want to cut into their own business – I get it. But if Cawl can finalize a new suit for Guilliman, why the heck can’t someone else design a new transport for the Ad Mech? As mentioned above – maybe it’s a flyer! But there is no reason it can’t be a “boots-on-the-ground” transport. In fact, I think this type of transport would be fantastic for units like the Kastelan Robots. Drive them up, plop them out, and let them light-it-up with their Incendine Combustors!


Fast Attack!

The last thing I think their codex needs is some more Fast Attack options. I’m not saying the army is slow – I’m saying between the 3 branches, they only have 2 Fast Attack options in total. And while I think the Sydonian Dragoon models are fantastic, I think they could use some extra options and some fast support! It would be cool to see some type of smaller, lighter scout “Knight” but I don’t think that’s the answer. No, I think they need access to a “jump-pack” like unit that can rapidly move in and strike. This could also open up the possibility for more “Deepstrike” style deployment options for them. Forge World already makes the Ursarax for 30k:


Why not take those designs and “update” them into a 40k version. I think that an Ursarax unit is exactly the thing that would fill that battlefield role and still retain the flavor and theme of the Ad Mech!


What’s your take? What new Ad Mech models/unit types would you like to see with their new codex? Let us know in the comments below!

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