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Necromunda: The Awesomeness that MUST Return

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Aug 30 2017

Necromunda is being reborn, but there’s a lot more than gangers that needs to make it’s way back to the tabletop.

GW has already announced that Necromunda is making a triumphant return.  It would seem that Shadow War Armageddon just left people wanting more and GW is not going to stand in the way of your paycheck going into their coffers.

So far we’ve seen the new House Escher and Goliath minis but that’s not what really got me excited…

What got me excited as was talk out of the Forge World Open Day saying that Necromunda’s return will include the material found in the 1996 OUTLANDERS supplement.

Here was the last set of info we got from the event:

  • All Gangs from Hive Primaris will return.
  • All Gangs from Outlanders and Fanatic will return.
  • New Gangs mentioned and expanded lore for Necromunda.
  • Hive Secondus mentioned as a possible expansion to the story line. Possible Genestealer Cult and PDF forces added.

Here’s a quick walk through the mists of time for some of the awesomeness that I want to see get it’s day in the sun again:


Rich, arrogant noble youth from the top of the Spyre with something to prove and the highest tech gear daddy could afford. These are going to be crazy if they return. I yearn for the names Jakara, Yeld, Malcadon and Orrus to inspire fear again.



Every skirmish game needs some COMPLETELY unsanctioned psykers to go off like firecracker and spice up your battles. From Beastmasters to Pyromancers – you never know exactly what is going to go down on the tabletop when these guys are around.


Genestealer Cults

Oh Yes, even back in 1996, Necromunda had Brood Brothers, Genestealers, Hybrids and Magos’ skulking around looking for trouble.  With a full 40K range newly available – it’s time to start a little purple rebellion of your own in the depths of the spire.

Trust me – 2 miles underground – it’s scary…


Underhive Bestiary

Oh you thought you were alone in the underhive – think again.  Half the fun of Outlanders was watching your opponent get eaten by Ash Clams, Giant Spiders, Milliasaurs, Brain Leafs, Face Eaters and the Necromundan classic – Giant Rats (see above).  Plus you might end up with a box of crazy beasties to paint up.


Mad Donna

The Ultimate Material Girl with a bad attitude and the deadliest pair of weapons south of The Wall. You KNOW she’d have an amazing new mini!

~ I’m SO excited! What do you most want back from Necromunda?


Author: Larry Vela
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