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40K: Astra Militarum – Regiments of Renown

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Sep 21 2017
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The Astra Militarum is a galaxy-spanning force and these are the top Regiments we’d like to see get rules soon!

We all remember the news that GW announced Astra Militarum, Tyranids and Aeldari as the next 3 books, right? And we also all remember that Pete Foley mentioned that Regimental Rules would be in the next Astra Militarum book, right? Well after seeing this weekend release included a novel, Cadia Stands, we got to talking here at BoLS HQ about which regiments we’d like to see in the new book.

Cadian Shock Troops

Okay, we feel like this one is a gimme. The Cadians are kind of the Poster Boys for Guardsmen. However, we want to see how they have changed after losing their planet. We’re hoping they get some crazy rules to represent their justifiable hatred of Chaos.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

The Catachan Jungle Fighters are probably the AM’s 2nd group of Poster Boys. Here at BoLS we’ve always had a soft spot for these 80’s action heroes of the Imperium. Plus they have some of the best “larger-than-life” characters in their ranks. Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken. Gunnery Sgt. Harkar. Nork Deddog. And we can’t forget the One Man Army, Sly Marbo! Again, we feel like the Catachans are a gimme – but it’s one of those Regiments that we also love for their Over-the-top attitude.

Mordian Iron Guard

There is just something about the Mordian Iron Guard that we like. They are pretty hardcore when you think about it. Each soldier comes to fight in their “Dress Blues” and they are probably the sharpest looking fighting force in the Imperium. They would probably school Blood Angels on how to take care of their fanciest armor! Okay, maybe not that last part – but still, they are known for their iron discipline and their iron resolve.


If they do show up in the new Astra Militarum book (maybe with a plastic infantry kit…I can dream, can’t I) then we hope they get something to reflect that discipline rules-wise. Maybe re-roll failed morale? Maybe extra orders per turn? Who really knows – but they should play as professional as they look!

Tallarn Desert Raiders

When you grow-up in the sands dunes, you learn to move with the flow. For the Tallarn, they have learned to move their armored tanks around like the sand dunes, flowing to the next spot and then fading away. They are masters of guerrilla warfare and “hit-and-run” tactics. They are also a hearty people that come from a harsh climate and are noted for their use of Plasma and Missile launchers. Those weapons seem fitting for a force that likes to stay mobile.

Rules wise, we hope that the Tallarn get something cool for their Armored Units like the Leman Russ, Chimeras, and Hellhounds. If they show up, we hope they stay mobile and don’t play like a static gunline army. We want them to move, move, move!

Attilan Rough Riders


It’s no secret that we’ve been pushing for the Rough Riders to return with new models. If you have the current Index then you should take a look at their Hunting Lance entry again. They are no longer “One Use Only” weapons – they can use them every time they charge now! That makes them a MUCH more useful unit. Plus they move quick. Most of all, we’re just hoping they get a new set of mounted Cavalry models with an updated look… If they get full rules and some extra love, even better! C’mon GW, throw us a bone and at least give the Rough Riders a cool stratagem to use that let’s them roll 3d6 on the charge – or maybe 3d6 and drop the lowest?!

There are several more Regiments of Renown from the Astra Militarum. We don’t know which ones will show up but here’s the ones we didn’t go into detail on:

We’d love to see rules for ALL of these Regiments in the future Astra Militarum book. We don’t know how realistic that is, but we’ve got our fingers crossed. I know Stable Abe is chomping at the bit to get his hands on a new Guard book – it’s kind of his thing.


What Regiments of the Astra Militarum do you hope are in the next AM codex? What about characters? Who do you think will make a return?

Author: Adam Harrison
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