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Death Guard: Meet the Myphitic Blight-Hauler

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Sep 11 2017
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The Death Guard have a stout little Daemon Engine and it’s locked and loaded!

While the Death Guard codex are missing Forge Fiends and Mauler fiends – they do get this little guy and he’s packing some serious heat!

Meet the cutest little daemon engine that could – The Myphitic Blight Hauler.


The Mini

Strangely, the unit’s mini only appears ONCE in the entire codex, in the middle of a big battle scene.  It has no appearance by itself or labeled in the gallery section.  Odd. We do get the nice artwork of it up there and this one pic. Behold:


Now do a compare and contrast with the previously available Foetid Bloat-Drone:



Clearly very similar designs, but not identical.  I have no idea if it would even be possible to make both of these vehicles one combo-kit but I doubt it.  From a design point of view, it’s basically a Bloat-Drone with it’s turbines removed and three small tracked units installed – and a TON of guns. Oh I almost forgot – a creepy tongue..

It looks kind of cute – in that Nurgly way.


Now what you’ve been waiting for.  You will have to buy the codex to get the actual point values, but just look at all the cool stuff the Blight-Haulers can do!

Count em – that’s 4 weapons each of these little guys get.  The weapons pretty much cover all bases from assault, to anti-horde, to anti armor.

You have a unit size of 1-3 and you want them at full size, to get the Tri-Lobe rule to kick in granting +1 to hit.


It’s stable and doesn’t suffer the -1 to hit for moving and firing – a nice match to the Death Guard Legion special rule for infantry.

Next note the Putrescent Fog – again meshing nicely with your advancing infantry.  Move over Venomtropes – there’s a new stinky Sheriff in town.

Disgustingly Resiliant will make those 8 wounds last a little longer, while Daemonic and Foul Stence will further extend it’s lifespan.

Finally if it does go down, make sure it’s nearby enemy units as it blows sky-high on a 4+, which you can ensure for the low low cost of a single command point!

~ I hope these come out very, very soon – I need three!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Diseases of Nurgle