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Geekery: A Chance to Own a Piece of Movie History

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Sep 4 2017

This giant auction has items from Star Wars, Doctor Who, Aliens, Conan, Blade Runner, The Ghost Busters, and more!

The sheer amount of items up on the block later this month is insane. The catalogue covers movies from the most recent projects from Marvel back into the 1950s, all genres. Its 355 pages feature a 21 foot wide plane from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…

The Witch King of Angmar’s Crown…

Conan’s sword…

A full sized, wearable xenomorph costume from Aliens…


A Y-Wing used in Return of the Jedi seen in the scene above Endor…

Merlin’s robe and helmet from Excalibur…

… and that’s just the start. There are scripts, concept art, prop weapons, costumes, crew memorabilia, and miniatures from dozens of movies valued from several hundred dollars to several hundred thousands of dollars. Bidding begins later this month.


The full catalogue and bidding information can be found here.


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Author: Mars Garrett
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