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Defeat The Evil Exes In Scott Pilgrim’s New Card Game

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Sep 27 2017

Balance compassion and violence to defeat the Evil Exes in this new deck building game from Renegade Game Studios.

Scott Pilgrims’s Precious Little Card game is a new deck builder which features everyone’s favorite Canadian slacker / part-time musician. Each player assumes the role of one of six characters from the Scott Pilgrim universe each with a unique starting deck. The game features double-sided cards which offers players a choice with each card played. Each card lets you decide whether to solve your problems with hard work and empathy or whether to embrace the unpredictable world of gratuitous video game violence. Then overcome all manner of obstacles such as ninjas, robots and, worst of all, awkward conversations. Gain power ups to earn victory points and use your video game violence to pull off some sweet combo moves. Each Evil Ex has a different number of victory points required to defeat them. Be the first one to button mash your way to victory in Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game.

The Scott Pilgrim universe is one wrought with tons of video game references, real life awkwardness and just a spin dash of romance. The game is designed by Kieth Baker, who has designed games such as Gloom and the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting of Ebberon. The double-sided card mechanic is a fun concept, which makes players choose how they want to play their character. Each usage of violence leads into a player’s combo moves, granting victory points. Hard to pull off, but worth it if you can manage it. Otherwise, use hard work and empathy to work your way to victory at a slower, but steadier pace. Personally, I’m a fan of any game which allows players to choose how they want to play and this game certainly seems to follow that guideline.

via Renegade Game Studios

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game$45 


“So why grow up, anyway? Is it really worth it? Don’t you have better things to do? Why does it matter whether or not your indie-rock band gets that great gig? You started a band to have fun, and now you’re going to get your butts kicked by robots. And who wants to deal with the headache of dating? Look, we’ve all got baggage. Some of us have drama that likes to pick fights and exes that like to throw punches. Love is a battlefield! So you’d rather sit on the couch throwing punches in your favorite video game. Hey, who’s going to stop you? Demons, fireballs, giant purple dudes?? Sounds like a bummer! If you want to keep living your precious little life, maybe it’s time to get it together and go up against the world!

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game is a deckbuilding game that challenges you to grow up and prepare for your finest hour. Players assume the roles of their favorite characters in the Scott Pilgrim universe, each of whom comes with a unique starting deck. Innovative double-sided cards let you decide whether to solve your problems with hard work and empathy, or whether to embrace the unpredictable world of gratuitous video game violence.”

  • Number of Players: 1-4
  • For Ages: 13+
  • Playing Time: 45-60 min

~If this game had a face, I would kiss it.


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