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Shadespire: Prices & Launch Dates Spotted

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Sep 25 2017

The New White Dwarf is in the wild and confirmed info on Shadespire’s launch products is here.

Images via Descanso De Escriba 9-25-2017

We have the cover of the October 2017 White Dwarf here:


Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire $60

October 14th

And the White Dwarf also contains more images of the first two announced expansion factions – Sepulchral Guard and Ironskull’s Boys


So Shadespire is just around the corner and BoLS will be bring you coverage and gameplay all this week!


See our full demo with Phil Kelly here:

We will be playing full games of Shadespire (fully painted) on Wednesday on Twitch:


BoLS Twitch

Just remember this is only the beginning.  We’ve already seen even more factions including SKAVEN teased here:

Shadespire – 3 New Factions


~ I can’t wait for league play!

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