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Shadespire: Three New Factions Teased by GW

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Sep 12 2017

Shadespire is coming soon, and it looks like even more factions from the 8 Realms are coming with it.

We’ve already taken a peek inside the boxed starter set comes with Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound.

Then we saw the IronJawz unveiled at NOVA:

…and we had previously seen undead artwork and pics of the Sepulchral Guard:

New Factions

Today we see this image via GW of the four known factions.


A MUCH better looking take on a skeleton than the previous Warhammer Fantasy range.

Then THIS image gives away the next two factions:

I spy with my little eye:

  • Fyreslayers
  • Skaven
  • Alternative Stormcast Eternals & Khorne Blood Warriors

I think Shadespire is going to have a lot of legs in it for competitive skirmish-deck building play.

Watch A Full Game of Shadespire

Here is our gameplay tutorial with Phil Kelly from GENCON50



~ You bet we will be playing Shadespire regularly once it’s out.

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