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Warmachine: The Trencher Errata is Here

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Sep 28 2017

The Trencher CID happened a few months ago.  Today we look at what was updated in Privateer Press most recent errata.

Earlier this year Privateer Press started a community feedback based model testing forum.  Not only are new models brought to light for testing but, older ones as well.  PP’s first errata hit here in mid September and we are going to take a look at the fruit’s of their and our(the players) labor.

You can check out more about the release here


What changed and what we think!

Assault:  Assault was a little un-clear on it’s old reading.  Technically if you missed a ranged attack you had to attempt to hit everything else the model was in melee with. Now it is just the one attempt to hit the model charged. Good Change

Kraye:  We did a whole write up on how awesome Kraye 2.0 is.  He is no longer the sad low resource high cost spell caster and now is a nasty threat extender for his warjacks!

Haley 2:  She gets the NERFBAT again.  Now her feat only effects d3+5 models instead of everything in her control.  Haley 2 is still a powerful caster with this reduction


Grenadier: It no longer needs trenchers base to base with it to reload just 1″.  It also gained brutal charge making it POW15 on the charge! Grenadier got solid buffs

Hunter:  No more shooting into depoloyment zones for Cygnar.  By removing the Hunter’s advance deployment you can’t now spam armor piercing shots into your opponent before they move.  It did receive a point reduction but, it is a major change to a well known cygnar jack. Think a gun change might have been a better way to go. Losing AD makes it clog the deployment.

Triumph:  Poor Triumph, a jack that probably never saw regular play finally might actually be good.  Triump now is only 18 points, has a magic gun, True Sight, Rapid Fire, and Dual Attack.  Throw in Siege bond of free boosted damage and you are talking about a real ranged threat.  For only 2 more points then a Defender you get a real upgrade to in my opinion a great character jack.  It’s lack of melee is a little sad for 18 points but, with the Dual Attack you can always shoot! Can’t wait to see Triump on the field!

Long Gunners: Cheaper. Still nothing special

Trencher Cannon: Gained Advance Deploy, nothing special

Trencher Chain Gun: Point reduction, nothings special


Trencher Commandos: Point reduction, with the new UA this is a nice change.

Storm Lances: POW 14 Melee weapons and no more Elctro Leap on the ranged weapons.  There has always been storm lance hate hopefully this quiets the haters.

Major Katherine Laddermore: Lost Electrocharger, gained Veteran Leader(+1), This is pretty strong as it works for all storm knight models!

Trench Buster: Point and SPD reduction, Life increase, no more cloud on range attack, if you are taking trencher models , I think 2 of these is auto includes.

Master Gunner: Gains Foxhole Buddy, nothing special.


~What do you think of the errata?  Please share in the comments below.


Author: Revenant
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