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40K: Craftworld Eldar – Saim-Hann Spotlight

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Oct 19 2017

Saim-Hann speeds into the spotlight with today’s Codex Eldar preview.

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite Craftworld that isn’t spelled like Halloween, even though it should be, have their turn in the center stage today. Famous for Jetbikes, Jetbikes, Wraithknights, and Jetbikes, if there’s one Craftworld that’s gotta go fast (and maybe eat some Chili Dogs) it’s Saim-Hann. This bright red Aeldari Host is rumored to be one of the reasons that Orks believe that red ones go fasta, though when pressed for comment the Blood Angels repudiated that claim, and then made a point of saying that they do not drink…wine.

At any rate, as you might expect, their Craftworld Attribute is pretty broken biker-centric.

Holy cow. Move your Bikers while still firing heavy weapons, reroll charges for whatever units you want–ensure that your army always has the advantage of mobility and a good chance of getting in when it needs to. Why would your jetbikes when nobody takes shining spears or even knows what those are? Easy. Charge a tank. Deny the enemy the opportunity to shoot their shoot machines, then fall back and shoot them with your weapons because your jetbikes are all flyers. It’s one weird trick that will make doctors (and your enemies) hate you.

Unsurprisingly, Windriders are an important part of any Craftworld Gaelic Equinox Celebration army. They will be cheaper in the codex, as well as scatter lasers, so–get ready to ride that wind. Similarly Vypers will enjoy getting to bring their heavy weapons to bear–and hey, do you remember the days of Jump-Shoot-Jump? Well they’re back.


Not only have Vypers gotten cheaper, but they’ve also gotten a little deadlier. Hop out from behind cover–or more likely, dash into range, shoot, then fall back out of range. Watch as your enemy cries a little on the inside. Good times had by all. At any rate, that’s to be expected when you’re playing the bikingest of bike armies–admittedly, they do suffer a little from the fact that fast, mobile units, by and large, don’t quite have the same protection they once did. It’s still relatively easy to shoot them out of the sky, so playing a Saim-Hann army will definitely take a little finesse.

Be sure and tune back in tomorrow for the Craftworld Alaitoc and Fire Prism preview.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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