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40K: Top 5 Overused Eldar Units

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Oct 18 2017

Some units stand head and shoulders above the rest…and we’re ready to see something else from the Eldar Armory.

Yesterday we took a look at some of the units that don’t get to see the light of day very often in the Eldar Codex. Today, we’re going to point the spotlight on units that we’re frankly tired of seeing on the tabletop. “We get it – you read about how cool they are and work really well. Way to follow the herd, brah!” It’s not that. The thing is with a new codex literally around the corner we’re hoping that the Eldar units and players will get to spread the love a little bit and try some new units out. So maybe give the following models a break for like a week or something, okay?



I get it. They are good. And cool looking. And are a big points sink. And they are pretty great all around…I can’t fault you for wanting to bring this model to the tabletop – it’s probably your army’s centerpiece model. But please, just for a bit, can you trying SOMETHING else besides the Wraithknight? There are other Wraith-constructs that are pretty cool, too! Maybe dust those off and give them a spin because we, the collective gaming community, are tired of having to deal with Mr. Kimbo-Wraithcannon doing the River-dance on our armies.

Warp Spiders

There are other Aspect warriors besides Warp Spiders. We know those things are metal at best…that’s got to be really heavy! Why don’t you leave those at home for a bit, we don’t want you to throw you back out. Plus…Spiders creep us out. So just, you know…leave those out.

Guardian Jetbikes (aka Windriders)

Look – we know they aren’t Troops now and that you’ve been using that as justification to take your Scat-bikes. But could you try something else in the Fast Attack Slots. You could even proxy those Scat-Bikes as Shining Spears for a couple games! Yeah, you know Shining Spears…the OTHER Eldar Jetbike unit. What’s that? You’ve never heard of them? Oh man…


Fire Dragons

I almost feel bad about this one. Look – I love me some Fire Dragons. I think they are an awesome unit and great at melting armor Trogdor Style. It’s just how many times can you load them up in a Wave Serpent and fly them at their target and blow it up? Don’t you want to try some other tactics? Surely you could use Dark Reapers or maybe a Support Battery or a Fire Prism or SOMETHING besides the Fire Dragons. Heck, War Walkers can be fun at shooting armor up…


Seriously – leave this guy out for A GAME, man! C’mon! Did you know it comes with other weapons besides the Heavy Wraithcannon? Try the Suncannon or the Ghostglaive at least! I think you have a problem – you’re addicted to the Wraithknight. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Bonus: Vypers

…Just kidding. These guys are totally cool to bring.



What Eldar units are you tired of seeing on the tabletop? Why do you think players gravitate towards those particular unit? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: AdamHarry Plays Eldar and uses 3/5ths of the models on this list. He knows he’s part of the problem. That’s the joke.

Author: Adam Harrison
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