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40K Deep Thought: How to Handle Ynnari

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Oct 18 2017
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With Craftworld Eldar imminent, it’s time to ask the question – how should GW handle Ynnari?

Even before it arrives, we have a good idea how codex Craftworld Eldar will look. It’s going to follow the same pattern as all the previous 8th Edition codices.  It will have all the same units from the Index books, minus anything GW does not make a CURRENT model for, adjusted points-power level, faction traits, relics, psychic powers and warlord traits. There will probably be a new unit that uses an existing model.



That pattern will also work the Dark Eldar, and the Harlequins, but I really, really hope they throw in a handful of additional Harlequin units to flesh out the faction. Even a couple of clampack characters will help. Oh right, ignore my Harlequin daydreams… back to Ynnari.

Ynarri Issues

Then we hit Ynarri and there is trouble.  The “Eldar Soup” nature of the Ynnari faction leaves several options open for GW:

No Codex


They never get a stand alone codex.  You continue to use the Index rules and simply draw from the future Craftworld, Drukhari & Harlequin codexes as they are released.  I think this is the most unlikely.

Campaign Codex

GW waits until all three Eldar faction codex books are out, then releases the rules for building the Ynnari in a future campaign book.  This would be the 8th Edition continuation of the Gathering Storm theme and probably continue the tale of what the new Eldar faction has been up to. The individual unit rules would stay in the previous codexes.

Standalone Codex

Under this model, the Ynnari are treated as a full-fledged standalone army and get their own codex.  It would contain all the units in it, with no external books needed. As a standalone codex it would let the units get correct keywords, and let GW invent new relics, wargear and even new units if they desired for the faction.


But there is a teensy problem…

Either the Ynnari codex would be the largest codex ever printed by GW – easily out-sizing even the Space Marine codex…


The Ynnari grand alliance would need to have a lot of it’s currently legal units striped out of it.

I personally think the latter is exactly what GW should do.

It can easily be explained that the Ynnari faction took a bit of time to “settle into” Aeldari society and that eventually certain sects stayed with them or turned back to their previous alliances.

I think a trimmed down (but still large) range of units comprising the Ynnari – alongside a set of distinct army rules and relics would drive the narrative of Warhammer 40,000 forward – and give the game a more full fledged distinct army.  The only thing that would be lost was the chance to build some nutty min-maxxed armies using anything from the other 3 Aeldari factions – which I believe only cheapens and dilutes those codexes.

~How do you think GW should handle the Ynnari? Are there any units you think they should lose access to to give them a more distinct feel on the tabletop?


Author: Larry Vela
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