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40K: Eldar vs Tyranids – Who’s Next

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Oct 5 2017

One of these two books is up next – who do you think deserves it more? Eldar or Tyranids!

We know the day is coming when Games Workshop will announce which Codex will be next. They confirmed back in August that the next 3 codexes after Adeptus Mechanicus will be Eldar, Tyranids and Astra Militarum. Well this weekend Astra Militarum hits store shelves. That means the Eldar and the Tyranids are next – so it’s time to place your bets: Who’s up next?

We have some ideas on how they are going to implement the codexes. We’re guessing the Eldar will have “Sub-faction” rules based on the different Craftworlds and the Tyranids will be based on the different Hivefleets. We’re also pretty sure each codex will have all of the stuff we’ve seen in the pervious ones:


But now our burning question is simply how will they choose?

Will the release be Alphabetical?

If that’s the case, Eldar are next by more than a few letters. And it kind of fits. They announced Astra Militarum, Eldar, and Tyranids. That seems reasonable…

Will it be the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

Good, being a relative term in the Grim-Dark, typically means Imperial. Bad could just mean non-Imperial so it could be either Xenos or Tyranid. And Ugly…well okay, that’s clearly Eldar, AMIRITE?!

The Four-Armed Emperor is soooo Pretty…


Will It Be Two and Two?

Looking back, we had the Space Marines book. Then we had a double release of Grey Knights and Chaos. Then it was Death Guard. After Death Guard was Ad Mech. Now we’re getting Astra Militarum. If you break those into pairs it really fits:

  • Space Marines / Grey Knights
  • Chaos / Death Guard
  • Ad Mech / Astra Militarum

So does that mean it’s going to be Eldar and then Tyranids or Tyranids and then Eldar? We don’t know! But it’s going to be Xenos/Xenos – the pattern still holds.

It’s technically correct. The best kind of correct…

Order Of Importance?

I think this one is absolutely true. The problem is who is determining their importance. If you ask any real Eldar player they will tell you they are the most important book, ever. After-all, “their arrogance is matched only by their firepower.” But in my professional, TOTALLY non-baised opinion the Tyranids are better in everyway with the coolest miniatures and way more fun to play more important. I say this as a person who owns both armies – The Tyranids are a galactic threat that is coming to eat EVERYONE. The Eldar are just a dying race of pointy-eared jerks whose souls taste like skittles to one of the Chaos Gods. Really – there is no comparison. Totally, not biased at all here.

I like Skittles, too!

Most “Broken” Codex Last?

Again – This is also totally true. It just depends on your definition of “broken” and the context of the game. If you mean broken as in “hey that step is broken, we need to repair that” then I would argue that the Tyranids probably need to quit getting stepped on and could use some repair. If you’re talking about broken in the “OMG PLZ NERF” sense of the word – then I would have to say that was referring to Eldar (again, TOTALLY not biased 100% professional opinion here).



So BoLS Readers – who do you think is next and what critera will GW use to determine who’s on deck?


Whatever the case I’m guaranteeing that Xenos are next.

Author: Adam Harrison
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