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40K: New Red Scorpions, Space Wolves & Primaris Super-Heavy Pics

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Oct 23 2017

Games Workshop teases some more miniatures coming down the road!

A few weeks back the Warhammer Community team showed off the new Space Marine Primaris Super Heavy Tank: The Astraeus.


Now we’re getting a look a the model without any paint on it and we’re getting a better idea of exactly how massive this vehicle is shaping up to be! These come to the community via Tony Cottrell, head of Forge World on Twitch:

New Primaris Super-heavy Tank

On top of those sweet new pics, we’re getting a look at some up coming new models that will be joining the Red Scorpions and the Space Wolves as well.

New Red Scorpions

New Horus Heresy Space Wolf


Also Tony Cottrell described the new Horus Heresy rulebook as:

  • 200+ pages
  • Warhammer 40k Version 7.1 (intriguing…)

The book is apparently at the printers as well. It won’t be long now…

How about the SIZE of the Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank?!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: New Astra Militarum FAQ - Commisars and Ogryn Tweaked, Russes for All