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BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Halloween 40K” & NeverQuest

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Oct 30 2017
Warhammer 40K

This week on Dark Apocrypha we follow a spooky trail of zombies and mad scientists.  Plus our D&D adventure continues – join the party!

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Spooky Halloween 40K


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Halloween 40K – Part 1: Ad-Mech vs CSMs  (watch LIVE NOW)

Drawn by news of a new and deadly plague sweeping the Fornox Sector Magos Biologis Narses of Mars has come to the world of Hallow. Arriving on the world with his bodyguards and a force of Astra Militarum set as escorts they find the population dead, bodies lying scattered across the cities of the world. Setting off to look for answers the Magos and his escorts soon find themselves deep with in the city. Around them the dead begin to rise.


Army Lists

Outrider Detachment 


Tech-Priest Dominus – 7 Magos Narses

4x Sydonian Dragoons – 12
4x Sydonian Dragoons – 12
4x Sydonian Dragoons – 12

Battalion  Detachment 


Tank Commander -12- Warlord- Grand Strategist
Company Commander – 3- Kurva’s Aquila

Infantry Squad -3
Infantry Squad -3
Infantry Squad -3
Infantry Squad -3

Lemon Russ Battle Tank -10
Lemon Russ Battle Tank-10

7/7 CP 
90 PL

Battalion -Death Guard 
Typhus – 9 – Warlord
Chaos Lord – 5 – Supporating Plate

20x Poxwalkers -6

20x Poxwalkers -6
20x Poxwalkers -6
Predator – 9
Predator – 9
Battalion -CSM – Emperors Children 
Dark Apostle- 5
Exalted Champion – 5
20x Chaos Cultists -6
20x Chaos Cultists -6
20x Chaos Cultists -6
10x Chaos Space Marines – 9

2x Spawn -4

9/9 CP 

91 PL


NeverQuest – D&D 5th

After the 40K game, join us for our continuing 5e D&D campaign – Neverquest. Grab a cold one, settle in and adventure with the BoLS party. Someone might find glory, gold – or die!

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Author: Larry Vela
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