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Tyranids Imminent, D&D Barbarians, Star Wars Destiny & More

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Oct 30 2017

BUGS – RUN! D&D new classes, Star Wars Destiny peeks, and a lot of new products from GW arrived this weekend.

40K Previews: Tyranid Codex, Hydra Rules, and Ryza Ruins

Next week is a pretty exciting week, 40K-wise. It’ll be full of Tyranid previews, even if their rules seem a little…buggy.

D&D: Path of the Storm Herald

Be a Barbarian, bring the thunder. Check out the latest Xanathar’s Guide preview.


40K: Necromunda Rules In Action

Get a look at Necromunda in action with this how to play preview video from Warhammer TV.

Star Wars: Destiny – Luke & Boba Fett Starter Previews

Fantasy Flight Games has more teasers for the upcoming two New Starter Sets coming for Star Wars: Destiny!

40K: Tyranid Codex Rumors

There’s a new Tyranid codex coming, and the first batch of rumors is bubbling up to the surface.

Pathfinder: Ruins of Azlant Pt. 4

The lost city of Azlant is full of monsters, forgotten gods, and worse. Descend into its depths.

GW: New Releases October 28th “Pricing & Links”

Two new Challengers aspire to topple Shadespire!


GW: New Gangs & Teams Heading Your Way

The Gangs of Necromunda are heading your way along with the Elven Union for Blood Bowl!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Tyranid Codex Rumors