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Cosplay: Eldar Invasion

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Oct 19 2017


In Celebration of the soon-to-be-released Codex: Eldar Craftworlds lets revel in some excellent Aeldari Cosplays!


The Chaos Lords of Games Workshop have finally heeded my pleas, and are gifting us all with the most holy of tomes – the Craftworld Aeldari Codex. I await the day I can FINALLY lock myself in the BoLS studio late at night and cuddle up close to this gorgeous book, hoping to soak up all of its knowledge and Space Elf wisdom via osmosis. (That’s how this works, right? Am I Gud yet?!) I have been devouring as much Eldar lore as possible since 8th edition was released this year, catching up on all the decades I was blissfully unaware of this amazing universe. BUT NO MORE!!! My eyes are OPEN! All hail the Daughter of Shades!!!

Craftworlds, Harlequins, and Ynnari, OH MY!

It became painfully obvious to me VERY quickly that the Eldar were the perfect place to build an army for me. Specifically, the fantastically mysterious, driven, and elusive Ynnari. As such, I have been studying all the different sects of Eldar culture, picking and choosing those that will best suit my upcoming fledgling army. I took a trip around the interwebs yesterday, curious as to who was working on some Eldar Cosplays. And OH BOY, did I find some good ones. I pulled a few of my favorite for you to enjoy while we wait for the Codex to drop. I’m ABSOLUTELY reaching out to some of these fine folk for in-depth Cosplayer interviews, SOON!

Howling Banshee

This Cosplayer is no mystery to anybody plugged in to the 40k Cosplay Scene. Narga and Aoki Cosplay are a couple who have been creating gorgeous game cosplays for YEARS, rocking them all over the globe. This Howling Banshee made my jaw hit the floor. The molding and detail work are unparalleled. Every minute detail is expertly crafted, and the environment and lighting in her images are stunning. I love how the spirit stones glow!



Striking Scorpion

This Aspect Warrior cosplay comes to us from Mondlied, who is an artist, blogger, and hobbyist from Germany. The environment in the photos and expression are a fierce and stoic tribute to the Striking Scorpion.



Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwe

This gorgeous representation of my favorite neighborhood Psychic comes to us from Cosplayer Delewen Horror. I reeeeally love the detail work. (Also gotta love that Sister of Battle by Selena Din. Image credited to Anton Timofeev). The framing of the image gives it an ominous feel, and the poses are powerful and engaged.



Harlequin Shadowseer

This. SO MUCH THIS. The Texturing on the fabrics really speak to me, as does the paint work. This one comes to us from KeshkaUnbelievable, And is an example both of great cosplay and fantastic posing! The vibrant colors pop in the way that only a Harlequin could make look elegant. I really love this adaptation! 



Now, pardon me while I go leave cookies out for Games Workshop in the hopes that they will drop me that codex overnight, and spare me the torture of having to wait. These cosplays have given me some great inspiration for future projects, and I have some exciting interviews coming up for you all soon!


~Join us next week for more Cosplay Coverage~

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