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D&D: Hexblades and More in Xanathar’s Guide

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Oct 18 2017
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Confirmed for Xanathar’s Guide, the Hexblade ayarlock–plus a possible table of contents.

Following up on Xanathar’s Guide news, the Hexblade Warlocks make their appearance in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which comes as little surprise. The Hexblade was a popular class when it was first introduced back in the good old 3.x days. Combining martial prowess and eldritch might, the Hexblade is a Warlock subclass in 5th Edition.

Now, when this class first appeared in the Unearthed Arcana, it was a little lackluster. The Hexblade’a patron was a sentient weapon, a cursed shadowfell tainted blade that offered power to Warlocks. A few of the class abilities were incredibly powerful–on one handed weapon attacks you could use your charisma instead of strength or dex, which sounds like it’s still in play, only they’ve swapped the 7th level feature–the Hound of Ill Omen (now a Shadow Sorcerer feature) has been swapped with an ability that’s described as ripping the soul from your defeated enemies and making it serve you.

This sounds pretty cool, and is kind of fitting in with the darker theme of the character. Again, if this is going to stand out, it needs a little more than the pact blade, but fortunately there were a few quite good new Warlock invocations in previous Unearthed Arcana. So I imagine we’ll see more if that before too long.

Speaking of seeing more, though. Spotted over on the D&D Beyond Forums, briefly up before the link was removed: a potential glimpse of the Table of Contents preview was seen. It’s not up now, but a few forum goers have an archive link in place–ensuring that the text of the ToC has been preserved at least. Whether or not this lines up with what the final version looks like, it does at least help us fill in some of the missing pieces.


There’s a few familiar faces in play here–and it’s good to see the Way of the Sun Soul put in an appearance. As we say this was briefly up at DnD Beyond, so I don’t know if we can officially confirm that one yet or not–but it does seem likely.

Assuming it’s right though, this is a full list of the subclasses appearing in Xanathar’s Guide, though it isn’t very descriptive. We’ll keep you posted as more news develops.

In the meantime, going to hope for “Carousing” rules to make the final cut.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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