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Grymkin: Lesser Warbeasts 101

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Oct 24 2017


Today we look at the little fellows of the warbeast world in the Grymkin Faction: Crabbit, Rattler, Gorehound & Frightmare.

Grymkin Lesser and Light Warbeasts!

To wrap up our Grymkin release coverage we are finishing up with the little minions of evil.  This includes the shield guarding Crabbit, The berserking Rattler, the long tounged Gorehound, and the acidic Frightmare. These 4 little buggers can cause the best laid plans to go astray.  Whether you are new to Grymkin or want to learn more about your enemy check out these 4 whacky beasts below.



The Crabbit is probably my favorite beast in all of Grymkin.  Cheap shieldguards are rare and let alone ones with 12 boxes.  This means they can take a hit and still be kicking 1/2 the time.  Throw in Bounding Leap they can also be great scenario models.  They are great for triggering the Sacrifice Arcana! The Elusive animus can keep them alive a little longer with some low attack rolls.



The Rattler is an infantry nightmare.  With POW13 he can cleave threw most models he hits and with 3 fury he can buy or boost when needed.


Having countercharge as an animus can deter some lighter models getting to close.

The Rattler has Berserk and Overtake meaning unwarily spaced infantry can get chopped down like weeds!  As long as he keeps killing he can move 1″ after every attack and those attacks are free with berserk.  A nasty combination!


The Gorehound is loaded with rules that make it a great deep-in-enemy-territory beast.

  • Sprint: This animus can make him a great solo killer and good for scenario positioning.
  • Extended Control Range:  He can be 32″ from the King of Nothing woooh.  Get out there Gorehound!
  • Ghostly:  Doesn’t care about terrain or free strikes!
  • Prowl: Can hide in the bushes
  • Pull: Can pull in targets.  This can have some minor scenario play when a solo is the only thing left within 4″ and you can’t kill it easily.


The Frightmare:  Wooh what an ugly beast.  He is the ranged beast for Grymkin and can do some decent damage with its corrosion gun.  His animus lets him see through clouds and Stealth and he can heal himself with regeneration.  The animus can be great for warlocks who want to see enemies for some spell slinging!

What do you think of the little guys Grymkin has available to them?  Are you disgusted by the Frightmare art as I am? 


Author: Revenant
  • Privateer: Prepping Models for Painting Made Easy