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Grymkin Solos: Lady Karianna & Imps 101

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Oct 3 2017

We are looking at the Imps and Lady Karianna for the new Grymkin faction today folks.

The Grymkin are here in the backyard and they have some exciting new models and solos for us to wage war with.  Today we are looking at the 2 imps (Cask and Glimmer).  These 2 imps do quite different things one is just an explosive kamikaze and the other is a debufffing sneaky bum.  Then there is the beasthandler of the beautiful Lady Karianna Rose.  She is held in the highest regards by all of the Grymkin and this is shown by how angry they get when you kill her.



The Cask Imp

At FA:3 at 1 point and the ability to create them with the Mad Caps you can see an awful lot of exploding imps floating around the Grymkin side of the table.  Don’t let them get to you because they like to go booooom.  The Cask Imp is literally a walking bomb and will explode if knocked down or advances into another model.  These guys can get a little faster with their special D6 straight line rampage.


Glimmer Imp

The Glimmer Imp is a sneaky stealthed solo that cost 4 points and is FA:2.  It has a rather nasty Aura that lowers enemy models defense by 2. He is also armed with a SPOON…of course a Grymkin model is armed with a spoon!  He can scoop the eyes out of living or undead models and blind them for a round.  His defense 14 makes him hardy to remove with low MAT.



Lady Karianna Rose

Is the beasthandler you have been dreaming of.  She knows all the sweet beast stuff like Ancillary Attack, Enrage, and Shepherds Call.  So whether you need that 1 more attack to finish the job, a little extra umph to kill that ARM20 model, or a little fury management she is the pretty lady to get errr done.  Throw in the fact if your opponent kills her your whole army gets +1/+1 to attack/damage the following turn is reason enough.  She is a character though and you can only take 1 of her for 4 points.


~What do you think of the imps and Lady Rose?  Please share in the comments below.

Author: Revenant
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