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Grymkin Solos: Trapperkin, Witchwood & Lord Longfellow

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Oct 5 2017

Continuing a drill down of the new solos for the Grymkin faction we take a look at the Trapperkin, Witchwood, and Lord Longfellow.

If you are looking for sneaky stabbing, a character assassin, or a creepy tree Grymkin is the faction for you.  The trapperkin hides in the dirt and backstabs his way to victory.  Lord Longfellow looks for renown for killing named champions of the warma-hordes universe and the Witchwood is a nasty dryadesque tree that bashes her opponents into the ground.  Lets take a closer look at these 3 solos today.


The Trapperkin:

A rather affordable solo at only 3 points and quite fast at SPD7.  This guy can hide in the ground thanks to a rule called Trap Door.  It similar to the old helldiver rule.  If he can get to the rear arc he has backstab and is a POW9 weaponmaster.  So he would be rolling 5 dice on the charge in the back arc.  That’s pretty strong!!!


The Witchwood:

Think of sentry stone that has a melee weapon and a gun. This is pretty close description of the Witchwood.  It is a tree that costs 5 points and can’t move except to be placed by strangegrowth.  It can however bring living non warcaster warrior models close to it by using its haunting sirens call ranged weapon.  It has 2 POW15 attacks that it can wallop away on infantry models.  It also is a tree that is ARM18 and remember the Death Knell could easily pump that to 20.

Lord Longfellow:

If you have watched or played any games where Lord Longfellow is on the board you know he can pack a punch!!!  His business is character killing and business is good. With SPD 7 and RNG 10 he lays out an 17″ threat that no character walks into without a brief hesitation. He is only POW10 base but, if you are damaged he gets a extra dice of damage and vs character models he gets an additional dice on hit and damage.  Bringing up the final total to 3 dice to hit and 4 dice for damage vs a damaged character model.  Even a warcaster will sweat those bullets.  He is costly at 6 points but, his defense is 16 , and if you miss him with a ranged attack he can shoot back is pretty strong.  It gets harrier when you throw in things like star crossed or something that can lower armor.



~What do you think of these crazy Grymkin solos?  Have you fought them on the field?  Please share in the comments below!

Author: Revenant
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