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GW: New Gangs & Teams Heading Your Way

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Oct 28 2017
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The Gangs of Necromunda are heading your way along with the Elven Union for Blood Bowl!

Games Workshop has been cranking out the updates for all their (formerly known as) specialist games. Blood Bowl is getting a new team before Christmas and more Necromunda Clan Houses are coming in 2018!

via Warhammer Community

In the world of Blood Bowl, another team will be joining the fray just in time for Christmas. Combining the talents of the Elvish races into one force, Elven Union teams are fast, well coordinated and insufferably arrogant, albeit mostly justifiably so! This multipart plastic kit is one of the most advanced for Blood Bowl so far, with modular face-masks allowing for great depth of customisation.

That’s right – the Elven Union will be arriving “just in time for Christmas” and will be a full plastic kit! I already know one player that is looking forward to them – and I know a few more folks have been eying them as starting points for Eldar/Harlequin conversions…

On the other end of the spectrum Necromunda’s base set is going up for Pre-order November 11th. And players like myself have been wanting more info on the OTHER houses and when they will be making an appearance with fancy new plastic sets. Well GW has heard us!

via Warhammer Community


Finally, we’ve had loads of questions from Necromunda fans about when Delaque, Cawdor, Orlock and Van Saar will be joining Goliath and Escher in glorious plastic. We’re pleased to say that Necromunda: Underhive and Gang War will be but the first of many Necromunda releases. While Goliath and Escher will be available in their own boxes from day one, they’ll be followed by the four other Clan Houses in 2018.

YES! All the houses will be making an appearance in 2018! I’m pumped up after seeing the redesign for both the Goliath and Escher gangs. I wonder how the Orlocks will look with a redesign and the Van Saar with their “high-tech” body suits?! I might end up swapping loyalties…

These guys updated with new plastic tech? YES PLEASE!


Unfortunately we don’t have a firm release date or schedule for when these houses will hit stores. I’m hopeful we’ll see them roll out at a faster pace than the Blood Bowl Teams were released. But I know it takes a lot more to roll out a product that just hope. There is also a pacing issue with those releases – if you dump all the products out at once you risk folks getting overwhelmed and backing out (see: FFG’s L5R Rapid Fire Release reactions on their forums). If you slow roll it (say one new gang ever quarter) folks lose interest.

It’s a balancing act that these games have to sort out and I don’t envy the team/person making that decision. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot to maintain interest, but also not rush to get things out that aren’t “up to snuff” so to speak. All I know is that I want my plastic crack, please!


Are you excited for these Games to get some attention? Are you ready for Necromunda to return in all new plastic-crack glory!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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