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Runewars: The Elven Host Arrive

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Oct 7 2017

The Latari Elves wave is landing on our shores and in stores – The Elves arrive in force in Runewars!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Expansion $24.95

Enhance your Latari Elves army with the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game. Rally your forces with the Latari Champion, Herald, Sorceress,  and Starling, all of which allow you to customize your Latari Elves Army with powerful upgrades.

The Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion includes four new figures to be added to infantry units, as well as 18 new upgrade cards. Customize your army and lead the Latari Elves to victory!


Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion $24.95

Nock your arrows and prepare for battle with the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!


The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion includes eight Deepwood Archer Figures and two plastic infantry movement trays, enough to field a unit of Deepwood Archers or add on to the units found in the Latari Elves Army Expansion, as well as five upgrade cards.

Leonx Riders Unit Expansion $24.95

None exemplify the primal, wild nature of the Verdelam more than the Leonx Riders. Charging into battle atop the their ferocious Leonx, large felines native to the Aymhelin, these Elven warriors pierce through enemy lines with the force of a storm, only to use their lightning speed to evade counter-blows and change their angle of attack with the swiftness of a gale.

The Leonx Riders Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game comes with four Leonx Riders figures, two plastic cavalry movement trays and five upgrade cards to enhance your Latari Elves forces!


Aymhelin Scion Unit Expansion $34.95

When the children of Latariana sound the horn for battle, the very forest answers their call. Roots erupt from the earth in a peal of thunder while limbs crack and sway as if in a gale. Moss, leaves, and flowers shift and fall and bloom again with the movements of living trees. What once appeared an old knot suddenly glows with living green light as the will of the forest awakens


The Aymhelin Scion Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game includes two Aymhelin Scion Plastic Figures, Two Plastic Siege Movement Trays and eight upgrade cards to enhance your army of Latari Elves!


Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion $24.95

Ready your spells with the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

Compatible with the Latari Elves faction, the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion comes with one cavalry plastic figure, an infantry plastic figure, as well as new terrain, objective, and deployment cards. Six new upgrade cards allow you to customize your Latari army as Lady Cyndewin leads them into battle!

Fantasy Flight Games also has a few other big releases this weekend – be sure to pick them up in your FLGS…if they can keep them in stock!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game $39.95


The Mountain of Fire $29.95



Mansions of Madness Second Edition (Reprint) $99.95

It’s a Big Weekend from the Latari Elves – but don’t skip out on L5R!

Author: Adam Harrison
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