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Tabletop Spotlight: Meeple War

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Oct 5 2017

The OG Wooden folks are marching to war and you’re in charge in Meeple War!

I have a fondness for older PC games like Age of Empires so when Evan from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over Meeple War and said, “it’s basically Age of Empires but in board game form” I was very interested! The results speak for themselves:


In Meeple War, 2-4 players duke it out in a hex-based, turn-based throw down. Game play revolves around you constructing buildings, gathering your workers/resources/troops and launching attacks at the enemy players. You win when you destroy the enemy’s buildings or when you collect the most points by the end of the game. It’s a really engaging worker placement game with a simple and intuitive combat system.

Component wise, the game looks fantastic. The tiles have some great art work, the workers are plain white wooden blocks, and the Meeples (which represent your soldiers/giant wooden death golems) are each unique to their faction. The rest of the accessories and components are also really well designed, too.

The game is more than just constructing and marching your Meeples across the board – there are different bits of terrain that can influence your movement. Dense Trees can hide forces, altars can be used to attack from afar, and tunnels can help you move quickly around the board. There are also a many different configurations for the board and you can also do random terrain placement to really change things up. Meeple War looks elegant and simple, but it’s got a hidden depth to it that I find intriguing. It’s out and in stores right now – so what are you waiting for? Uncle Meeple Needs YOU!



Meeple War $39.99

In Meeple War, players oversee one of the four kingdoms of Lilliput. Each has their own village that they are trying to build up, as well as protect, from the enemy’s army. That army is made up of Meeples. Between the villages is a vast wilderness, represented by different terrain tiles that are hidden until a player explores them. Various tiles have different bonuses or effects that a player can take advantage of, such as sacrificing a Meeple to attack an opponent, or using underground tunnels to quickly move from one location to another. Players gain Victory Points for attacking and destroying their opponent’s buildings, as well as defeating their Meeples in combat. The first player to get to six victory points is declared the winner and the ultimate ruler of the lands of Lilliput.


You had me a Giant Wooden Death Golems.

Author: Adam Harrison
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