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Unboxing The Overlord Bastion

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Oct 6 2017
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Need some Line of Sight blocking terrain? Battlefield lacking in Skulls?! Well check out the Overlord Bastion from Games Workshop!

After getting pummeled by ranged weapons all week from the Astra Militarum, we’ve been looking into ways to help add some thematic Line of Sight blocking terrain to our mix in the studio. Well Games Workshop had just the thing – The Overlord Bastion:

When looking at our options, we needed some kits that would be useful for both 40k and AoS. We also needed something that had a good sized footprint on the table, could block LoS, could create interesting lanes of fire, and be very modular. The Overlord Bastion has answered the call. It also had one added benefit in that these kits are pretty tough.

Our kits get a lot of abuse so it’s great that these kits are so sturdy. They are made of the same hard plastic that the other kits are, but the Overlord Bastion is particularly thick in the important spots. If you really wanted to, you could stack multiple Overlord Bastion on top of each other and make a very tall bastion.

And let’s not discount the amount of Skulls on this kit either. We went back and tried to count how many skulls there were, but it’s like those puzzles where you have to count the number of triangles…there are always more. Eventually we gave up and decided that Khorne cares not from where the skulls come from…only that he wants all the skulls.


These kits also have a lot of little details for their size. We got a few of these for our Studio and have been working on assembly and painting them for our Twitch Stream. The details are taking a bit longer to paint-up than we first expected, but we’re working in an assembly-line style so it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do them the first time. We’re excited to get more Chaos Themed Terrain on the board and can’t wait to show off the results!


Chaos Dreadhold: Overlord Bastion $130

Grim, foreboding reminders of the absolute dominion enjoyed by the Chaos Gods, the Overlord Bastions tower over the landscape like malignant growths pushed forth from the corrupted earth itself. The soldiers that adorn their ramparts are all but immune to assault, shielded by high walls and heavy stone. Each of these strongholds is imbued with a terrifyingly dark power that the strongest wizards might call upon to rain storms of blood and blades onto their cowering foes.


This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to put together an amazing piece of scenery – the Chaos Dreadhold Overlord Bastion. Containing everything from the Skull Keep, this also gives you an additional block making the Bastion that much taller – add more and more, make the Bastion as high as you like! On top of this, there’s a wall section with an ending piece. The whole thing is completely covered in spiky bits and horrible skulls; there’s no doubt at all the this is an artifact of Chaos. Every kit in the Chaos Dreadhold is explicitly designed to be fully modular, combining with the others to build a fortress as wildly, ostentatiously huge as your imagination can conceive.


Do you think that Throne of Skulls is made of Overlord Bastions?!

Author: Adam Harrison
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