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40K BREAKING: Marbo, Primaris Blood & Dark Angel Minis

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Nov 23 2017
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Sly Marbo is BACK, and with him some new Primaris Dark Angels and Blood Angels minis. Check em out!


We know the Blood Angels and Dark Angels are getting codexes in December.


Angels of Death Primaris Models

One of the big mysteries is exactly how GW will integrate Primaris Marines into these two unique chapters.  Well today we got a first look at two new Primaris Lieutenant minis for the chapters – and they are looking GOOD!

images via GW

The Dark Angels Primaris LT got his robes, and keys as soon as his got in the door.  Now to find Cypher…


Le Soldat Marbo

But these two weren’t the BIG reveals.  Oh no – the big news takes us back to the Astra Militarum where we find out that the mystery man himself – SLY MARBO is coming back in some form. Take a look at this:

I’m loving his “Feed Me Seymour” plant back there…

No word yet on rules, but I’m sure they will be along shortly.

~What do you think Marbo’ rules should me? I think he should be able to hunt Lictors!

Everybody better buy that Marbo mini – or else I’ll have to fight Apollo Creed and Dolf Lungren



Author: Larry Vela
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