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40K: Next Three Codexes Confirmed

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Nov 3 2017

Games Workshop said that we’d see 10 codexes by the end of the year – well here they are AND the first one for next year!

This weekend at the Blood & Glory Games Workshop showed off a ton of cool new things and one of the biggest announcements was the confirmation of the next THREE Codexes. Two for this year and one for January.

via Warhammer Community

Firstly, we did tell you you’d be getting 10 codexes this year, and we can confirm that the next two will be… (dramatic fanfare please):

That’s right – Codex Blood Angels and Codex Dark Angels are up next! See, it is an Imperial AND a Chaos Codex to wrap-up the end of the year. It totally follows GW’s pattern. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also getting a peak at what the first codex is for next year, too:

That’s right – Chaos Daemons are coming to party in 2018!


It’s pretty impressive if you think about the fact that GW has cranked out 10 codexes in 6 months. That gives me hope for next year’s releases (Looking at you Orks and Necrons).


Are you ready for the return of the Angels of Death?

Author: Adam Harrison
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