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FFG: Arkham Horror – Black Stars Rise Teaser

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Nov 8 2017

Fantasy Flight Games announces the Fifth Mythos Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. It’s the Hunt for the King in Yellow!

Arkham Horror: The Card game has been a big hit with me and my playing group. We’ve been playing through the various campaigns and have been looking forward to the Path to Carcosa Cycle. As we’ve covered previously:

Arkham Horror is a Card Game where 1-to-4 players take the role of an investigator who is trying to uncover a (generally) sinister plot involving some part of the Lovecraft Mythos. It’s a cooperative game and it’s a very narrative driven experience.

The stories told in Arkham Horror follow a logical sequence and each of these large expansions kicks off a new story. I believe FFG refers to these as “Cycles” to borrow another CCG/LCG term.

The next (and Fifth) Mythos Pack for the Carcosa Cycle is Black Stars Rise.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Black Stars Rise, the fifth Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!


Black Stars Rise offers the latest chapter in The Path to Carcosa cycle, and the latest tale of your own madness. You have looked upon the face of the Stranger. You have beheld the Pallid Mask and the Tattered Cloak. New player cards arrive in this Mythos Pack, cards with palliative names like “Stick to the Plan,” “Narrow Escape,” or “Ward of Protection.” Their names are a lie, dripping with false comfort that only the truly mad will embrace. The darkling spires of Carcosa are breaching the walls between dimensions and Hastur will rule over all…

The Path to Carcosa Cycle has introduced some new mechanics along the way and Black Stars Rise continues this path. One of the unique things about this adventure is that there is no Act Deck for the players to advance. Typically, a game consists of an Act Deck and an Agenda Deck – the Act Deck represents the goals the players are trying to accomplish to advance the plot/succeed. The Agenda Deck represents the impending Doom heading your direction. With Black Stars Rise, players will have to face down TWO agenda decks and will have to determine which fate they will have to face down…

On the plus side, the Investigators are going to have some new tricks up their sleeves – or perhaps I should say some new Spells…

Normally, Spells are the domain of the Mystic but the magical energies of Carcosa have awakened something deep within all the classes. Arcane Insight is a new Spell that is usable by the Seeker class and it will help make everyone’s Investigating easier in a location where it’s been activated.


Rogues have also had their slippery skills magically enhanced! Suggestion allows you to get a boost to your Evade attempts – or outright cancel attacks from non-Elite enemies. But don’t worry – the other classes are getting some new tools of their own as well.


All that new-fangled magical energy is also impacting tried and true allies like the Arcane Initiate. This upgraded version gives you the option to either take the 1 doom (like the old card) or place two horror on it instead. And as a quick action, you can Exhaust the Arcane Initiate to scry the top 3 cards of your deck for a spell card!

Survivors are also getting a pretty powerful boost with “Not without a fight!” – Not only does it add 3 different symbols to a skill test, but it multiplies based on how many enemies are engaged with you. For most attacks, your Fight Value is going to be at least +2 with this card…not counting any other boosts you might have.

Black Stars Rise is up for pre-order today and is slated for Q1 of 2018!

Black Stars Rise $14.95

Your investigations have led you to the island commune of Mont Saint-Michel, as brooding, dark clouds cover the sky. A storm is coming—and it’s unclear if our world will survive. Black Stars Rise offers the latest chapter in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and the latest tale of your own madness. Between the new player cards included in this Mythos Pack and an adventure unlike any other, Black Stars Rise races towards the stunning conclusion of the Path to Carcosa cycle. The darkling spires of Carcosa are breaching the walls between dimensions and Hastur will rule over all…



Strange is the night where black stars rise…

Author: Adam Harrison
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