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New Protectorate of Menoth Colossals and Cygnar Blockhouse

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Nov 24 2017

Privateer Press is releasing Judicator and Revelator Warjacks for the Protectorate of Menoth and a Cygnaran Trencher.

The Judicator channels Menoth’s wrath by delivering the punishment of fire unto heathens. It can unleash withering barrages of rockets while bathing the unfaithful in great gouts of holy flame. Its cortex is linked to a blessed reliquary containing the interred remains of an honored priest whose essence serves as a reservoir for divine energies, filling the machine with spiritual power and enabling it to fight unrelentingly in the name of the Creator.

Menoth Judicator$109.99 – Nov 22, 2017

The consecrated colossals of the Protectorate of Menoth are towering masterpieces of faith and war. The Revelator strips away the obscuring magic of profane casters and scorches the earth to leave nothing but ashes behind.

Menoth Revelator$109.99 – Nov 22, 2017

Blockhouses are often built to support Cygnaran trenchworks, providing girded fire bays and supporting fire in the event of an enemy overrun of the front. Able to withstand direct artillery fire from all but the heaviest enemy guns, these blockhouses return fire with salvos from their impressive cannons while acting as mustering points to reinforce embattled trencher platoons.


Cygnar Trencher Blockhouse $59.99 – Nov 22, 2017

via Privateer Press

Author: Matt Sall
  • Outside the Box - November 24th