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P3 Painting – Fur and Friends

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Nov 12 2017

Get some paint on your fur with these painting videos from Privateer Press.

If you want to get paint on your fur, there are easier ways to do it–just take your fur down to some PETA protestors and wait for them to throw a bucket of paint on you. The problem is that they often don’t concern themselves with highlights, shadows, contours, or texture. And you’ll have to make sure that they get an even coat on, which means you’ll likely need to get hit more than once. But if you want your paint to look good–then Privateer Press has got you covered. Check out their fur painting tutorial this week:

And then after you get the hang of making those Northkin Battle Bears ready to take on the world (and trying to figure out why anyone would buy a model other than a battle bear, because why do you need a different army), watch some of these paitnign techniques get used in larger context with this week’s get your paint on. As before, this one is another guerilla video, which just means that you get to feel cooler and more indy for watching it. Your indy cred has gone up enough that you can get Paul Thomas Anderson and Paul W. S. Anderson confused and nobody can make fun of you for it.

You still can’t admit to seeing Transformers three times in the theatre, but I do believe that you’re able to unironically enjoy Taylor Swift’s work from before she watched Beyonce’s Lemonade now.

Jussika Bloodtongue sure does look good by the end. If you have a similar model, just trying to paint along can really help get you going. Set a goal, try it, get some more reps in while enjoying the colorful commentary of the studio painters.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go listen to that Look What You Made Me Do/Run the World mashup again.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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