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Review: “Battleground” Mat

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Nov 30 2017

Pimpcron reviews this muddy and moody mat.

Hello my friends! I’m back with a review for the Battleground game mat from

First off I assume you’ll ask, “Hey Pimpcron, what is the quality of mats?”

These mats are exactly the same quality and detail as you’d expect from a gaming mat in this day and age. They are made of the standard mouse pad material and come with a handy carrying case. All of that is great, but pretty standard and exactly what you expect. It’s waterproof, rolls up easily, lays flat without any creases or weird corners, and provides cushion for falling models, and models slide easily on it. It has some weight to it so it doesn’t wrinkle.


Now that we have that out of the way …

This has to be one of my favorite mats they have made; and that isn’t just lip service. What I love about this mat is that it isn’t just a grassy mat, or a rocky mat, or a snowy mat. This one is a huge dried up river bed with tons of new growth popping up. As you can see below, this mat mixes two different terrain types and kind of tells a story.

What I mean by telling a story is this mat obviously used to be underwater as a lake, sea or gigantic river. Why has it dried up? This may sound silly to some of you, but people who know me, know that I get almost more excited about terrain than I do armies. I always set up my terrain to tell a story because it gives me a reason to fight. Has some evil arcane device rerouted this river for cooling? Has a drought caused these two armies to fight over the last few remaining wells? Or is the river just “off-mat” and one army has been caught trying to get a drink

As always, I am astonished at how they put this kind of detail on a cloth-covered foam rubber mat. I would never imagine that something this clear and high resolution could be printed on cloth.


And as you can see, no two areas on this mat are the same. As with all of their mats, there is no copy-and-paste happening here. The more you look at it, the more you discover.

I honestly have a hard time rating a product like this on a number scale, because the quality and durability of the mat is great. But I can’t imagine how you could make a mat better than it already is, quality-wise. So every mat would get a 5/5. But what I can tell you is that these mats are a great deal for their price, and has a bunch of different styles to choose from.


So it comes down to preference. I love this mat because it helps me tell a story, it is wonderfully detailed, and I haven’t seen a mat like this anywhere else. And in case anyone was wondering about my reviews, I do purchase these mats myself; they are not given to me for free for review purposes. I have to buy A LOT of mats for my convention Shorehammer so I get the chance to not only own, but review all of these mats. I own at least one of each version of their mats. The people at are very nice, and I have had zero issues with them with shipping or communication.


Click on their logo below to go see their hand-painted terrain, and highly detailed mats.

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Author: Scott W.
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