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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: November 29th

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Nov 29 2017

Daring mountaineers and exploitative strip-miners- Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!


Living Planet by Lumberjacks Studio

Living Planet is a resource management game set on a newly-discovered alien world. Players control mining corporations that have arrived to strip-mine this otherwise inhospitable world for its vast caches of natural resources. Build mines and factories to generate income so you can expand and improve your operations. Your rival miners are the least of your worries, however. The planet is filled with hazards like unpredictable weather, violent earthquakes, and acidic geysers. Some miners even speculate that the planet is alive, and that its actively trying to drive away its invaders. As the game progresses, the planet-shaking cataclysms become worse and resources become scarce, making the final rounds as much about survival as they are amassing wealth. The standard version of the game will set you back €49/$58.


Radtown Returns by ThunderChild Miniatures

ThunderChild Miniatures has been growing a small but fairly devoted following over the past few years with their Wasteman post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Radtown Returns is their latest Wasteman campaign and seeks to expand their line of 35mm terrain and mutant critters. The new terrain includes obstacles like ruined furniture, vending machines, ramshackle buildings, garbage heaps, scrap fences, and radioactive hazards. While the terrain is designed for Wasteman, there isn’t anything stopping you from using it in other post-apocalyptic skirmish games. Many of it will look right at home on a table built for the upcoming Fallout game, for example. Pledges range from £8/$11 for a small set and go all the way up to £280/$373 for enough terrain to furnish several skirmish tables.



Mountaineers by Massif Games

Mountaineers is a gigantic 3D board game of mountain climbing, inspired by the designer’s own experiences in the French Alps. Up to four players (six with the deluxe edition) race to be the first mountaineer to reach the peak of a modular, 18 inch tall game board. The board can be configured over a hundred ways with its set of double-sided panels and base. Mountaineers uses elements of area control, resource management, and route optimization as players deal with random events, avoid hazards, and sabotage their rivals. Pledges start at $49 for the base version.


Sorcerer by White Wizard Games

Finally we come to Sorcerer, a competitive character building card game made by the designers of Star Realms. Players construct a Grimoire representing their sorcerer by combining three 20-card decks: A Character Deck, a Lineage Deck, and a Domain Deck. Each of these mini decks also grants you a skill card that gives you special abilities and reveals your character’s true name. There’s 64 potential combinations in the base game, and that number only increases when you include the stretch goals and deck expansions. Once players have their decks ready, they fight to control three territories with their arsenal of spells and minions, with the first player to capture two territories being the winner. The base set is $45 and includes over 173 cards and all the game boards, tokens, and dice you need to play right away.


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