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2017 Best Plastic Miniature Winner

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Dec 26 2017


The Judges have debated and the verdict is in – come check out our pick for the Best Plastic Miniature of 2017!

Last week we listed off our top picks of the year. This week we’re going through our picks and selecting one to be the BoLS Pick of the Year! The fields were tough as lots of really impressive products came out this year – but, just like the Highlander, there can only be one! So let’s do this.


The Finalists




WitchWood Grymkin Solo – Warmachine – Privateer Press

The Witchwood made our list because of it’s combination of creepy and sweet. Thematically, it was really cool and definitely added to the ‘evil farie tale’ vibe of the faction.



Arkanaut IroncladAge of Sigmar – Games Workshop

The entire Kharadron Overlords faction was an awesome release from GW. But perhaps most importantly were the Airships that they brought to the table. All of these kits are extremely well done but the Arkanaut Ironclad was the biggest and best of the lot. We loved this kit!



Phantom IIStar Wars: X-Wing – Fantasy Flight Games

When it comes to mass produced plastic miniatures, Fantasy Flight Games has a target locks on quality and pre-paints. The Phantom II might not of been the “Craziest” ship design, but the fact that it come pre-painted to this standard is impressive. The paneling, the line work, the colors and the SIZE of the “free-hand” icon on the side is why this ship deserves to be on our list.




GoryoMalifaux – Wyrd

Wyrd continues to impress with their own brand of creepy and crazy plastics. Goryo is on our list because of the fluid nature of this kit. “Spirits” are flying out of this warrior and the posing is really impressive. This is an excellent kit and we’re happy to include it on our list.


The Winner

Daemon Primarch Mortarion – Warhammer 40,000 – Games Workshop

Mortarion is an amazing kit. It’s large, plastic and incredibly detailed. But at the same time the kit has different build options for the weapons and hands – very impressive design. Aside from that, it’s a kit that is also impressive from a technical and production standpoint. Mortarion’s kit is striking and more technically ambitious that Magnus the Red was. The model is gracefully floating on his flowing robes and GW has used the physical characteristic of plastic to do interesting details such as the plague-cherubs pulling the primarch’s chains upward – something almost impossible to do in metal or resin without the bits breaking constantly.

The editors here at BoLS were completely blown away by last year’s Magnus the Red, but Mortarion’s kit has exceeded it in every metric. I don’t know what tricks GW has up their sleeve, but any future Fulgrim model has quite a hill to climb.



Well there you have it – 2017 has had some pretty impressive kits over the year but Mortarion is our pick for the Best Plastic Kit of 2017! We can’t wait to see what the industry brings us next year.

Author: Larry Vela
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