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40K: Blood Angels Table of Contents

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Dec 2 2017

The Blood Angels are coming to storm the tabletop – come take a peek inside the codex!

We got our hands on the Blood Angels Codex and we’re going to be taking a deep dive all next week. But for now, let’s take a look at the Table of Contents and see what we can see!

Codex: Blood Angels is getting a heaping-helping of Primaris Marines (and yes their points reflect the changes in Chapter Approved, btw). Still no Centurion, but there is a new unit in there that wasn’t in the index. Here’s a hint: It one Sanguinius would be proud of.

The Death Company got a few looks as well here is the old sheet comparted to the new one:

Index Death Company Datasheet


Codex: Blood Angels Death Company Datasheet

Not a ton of difference – although they did drop in Power Level. That’s great for folks who want to run them with Jump Packs. And why would you want to do that? Well…

Ahh that’s going to be good times.

The Blood Angels – Invading BoLS all next week! Stay Tuned…


Author: Adam Harrison
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