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RPG: Happy Christmas Adventuring!

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Dec 25 2017

It’s Christmas, so mix it up with some holiday themed adventures:

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

  • D&D 5e Holiday Adventure – The Darkest NightTribality
    The Darkest Night is a holiday themed adventure where players battle an ancient evil to save Krinklefest. for four 1st level characters.
  • Santa Claus Monster StatsWorld Builder Blog
  • The Nutcracker DM’s Guild
    The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas tale of magic, mystery and sugar plums for 5th level. A retelling of an 1816 German story by E.T.A Hoffman.
  • Bag of KrampusUltanya
    Legend holds that Krampus captures terribly naughty children in his bag and then takes them to his lair.
  • Solstice Shenanigans: A Wintry One Shot – DM’s Guild
    The Winter Games are in full swing on the demiplane controlled by the powerful archfey lord of winter, Jack Frost. Games and challenges await the players, along with a baker’s terrible mistake and a bout of mysteriously disappearing trees!
  • Not a Creature was Stirring DM’s Guild
    Helpful and fun for beginners, this christmas themed adventure was created for new dms and new players.


  • Krampus Christmas CarnivalKobold Press
    3 part adventure available for free. Kobald says “The first Krampus in our collection lurks within the Pathfinder system.”

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

  • Santa Claus Monster Stats (PDF)Wizards of the Coast
    Stats for Santa and his helpers – straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Christmas Elves D&D Wiki
    Just the thing when you have a LOT of presents to diliver and not a lot of time.



  • D&D: Xanathar's Guide to Tool Proficiencies