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Warmachine: Dracodile Pre-Order Ends TODAY – Hurry!

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Dec 1 2017

You have till the end of today to pre-order the Minions Gargantuan – Dracodile and get some free goodies.

Dracodile — Minion Gargantuan (PREORDER) $109.99

    • Preorder the Dracodile by December 1, 2017 and receive a FREE Black Anchor Heavy Industries T-Shirt. (Select t-shirt size from the dropdown menu above.)
    • Preorders ship by December 15, 2017. Quantity limited to the first 1,000 preorders. Dracodile will be available as a normal item in the online store after December 15th.

Black Anchor Heavy Industries Shipping:

    • All BAHI preorders ship for free in the U.S. Any additional items ordered with the preordered item will ship at the same time as the preordered item.
    • All BAHI preorders ship for free internationally if they are ordered alone. Shipping charges for additional items ordered with the preorder are reduced by 50% (applied after customer selects a shipping option at checkout) and will ship with the preordered item.

Lumbering forth from the swamps of the Iron Kingdoms, the massive dracodile is the most terrifying beast among by the Blindwater Congregation. Rifle fire has little effect against its thick-scaled hide, each scale akin to a steel shield. Large enough to devour men whole, this reptile reduces targets to bubbling pools with each blast of its blinding acidic breath.

The mighty Dracodile is Minion’s first Gargantuan! Towering over the other Warbeasts of the Blindwater Congregation the Dracodile boasts a high number of initial attacks with a bite, two claws and a tail slap. It’s animus, Flood Waters, creates water terrain all around the Dracodile allowing amphibious models to hide in its depths and hinders enemy movements. As a ranged fighter the Dracodile breathes a large gout of acid in the form of a 10″ spray attack, corroding and blinding any models hit. The Dracodile will commonly be included in Bloody Barnabas or Barnabas, Lord of Blood’s battle group and benefits heavily from the Blackhide Wrastler’s animus Rage.

~Who’s getting one? CHOMP CHOMP!

Author: Larry Vela
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