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Warmachine: Keeping the Community Fresh

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Dec 8 2017


Keeping a community alive can be hard work. Today we look at promoting growth in your Warma/Hordes community.

Sometimes communities die off or wax and wane with players getting stagnant. A great way to promote new players in your community can be a Journeyman league.

Why Journeyman Leagues?

If you are always prepping for events or tournaments at 75pts it can be hard for new players to field that size force right out the gate. Also, introducing so many interactions at once, warcasters, solo’s, units, attachments, weapon teams, beasts/jacks you can easily overload an aspiring player. If you can introduce new concepts slowly then it might be easier to assimilate.  Teaching how to allocate focus or keep a warcaster safe early will enable them to play more valuable games at bigger sizes.

But, journeyman leagues might also have some benefits for veteran players as well. Maybe a vet has been playing his/her favorite faction for last 2 years and hit a lull. Well a journeyman league can be a great way to take a battlebox out and see how grass is on the other side of the rift. “Wow Deneghra is as cool as I thought she was” or “hey Kruegar is not really my style meh…”. Another great thing a journeyman can do is promote painted armies. If you give a little incentive to get stuff painted you can get some beautiful armies done for your local game store to show off.

Journeyman Resources

Check out these PP resources on running a journyman league.

First off are the League rules themselves. Another easy free place to track journeymen points is Google Docs where everyone can see whos in the lead or important rules for that week.


Get some new blood in your community and run a new journeymen league.

To recap the journeyman will:

  • Make it easier for new players to learn
  • Easier for new players to field smaller point totals
  • Promote fresh factions for veterans
  • Encourage players to paint

 ~Have you played in a journeymen league lately? How do you grow your local Warmachine community?

Author: Revenant
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