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AoS: In The Hangman’s Garden

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Jan 20 2018

The Blightlords of Nurgle march homeward after a victory but something has disturbed the Hangman’s Garden.

Games Workshop has been building up the Malign Portents event in a really great way. Every new story is really setting a new tone for the Age of Sigmar. Hope is dead, and the Dead aren’t being quiet about it either! Something has emboldened Nagash and his undead minions to venture out from their realm and spread the peace of death. But it’s not just the “mortals” who are being impacted by this – even the festering foulness of Nurgle and his plagues are subject to death afterall…

In the latest story from Malign Portents, The Hangman’s Curse, the conflict of Nurgle vs Nagash (or festering life vs cold death) is further explored. It’s a pretty good read (and it’s free) so you should pop over and read it. But this idea that Nurgle’s plagues, in all their forms, do represent life and that Death has come to silence ALL life is really intriguing. We also get a better idea of where those Death’s Head weapons of the Blightlords come from –  here’s a hint, it’s not pretty.

This entire concept has really been built-up by GW so far. We’ve seen Nagash be the “Savior” in Grim Deliverance. We saw how Nurgle’s minion’s are being impacted in Cycle Interrupted and how they are preparing to deal with it in A Bountiful Wager. This lead-up is really making me want to see these fireworks go down! I’m also glad to see that while the Stormcasts are going to be involved, they aren’t really taking center-stage in this event.

Also, we’ve gotten very little about Nagash and his actual plans yet. Now, we had some fun theories, but we’re still unsure of what the heck he’s up to. And it’s that waiting that makes us want to know even more!


If you want to get caught up on the event, you can check out all the videos that have been released so far HERE.


Something ISN’T rotten in the Garden of the Hangman of Nurgle…and that’s not good, right?

Author: Adam Harrison
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