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BoLS: STREAMING NOW: Savage Worlds – The Black Claw RPG

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Jan 10 2018

Come play a ninja-themed adventure in the Savage Worlds RPG, game-mastered by Terry Whisenant, the module’s author!


Savage Worlds – The Black Crow


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Today the crew has a very special guest Terry Whisenant, author of the Savage Worlds RPG module – The Black Claw. Terry will be taking us through a fast paced one-shot adventure – live for you!

The Black Claw wants to brainwash supers to turn them into SUPERNINJAS! Well, who wouldn’t want to do that? In the guise of Yakuza mobsters, they have infiltrated the heroes’ city because of the concentration of supers there. The gang war is just the front page of the cover story — a convenient way to draw supers out where they can be targeted by the Black Claw!

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