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Warmachine: Eminent Configurator Orion – The Toolbox

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Jan 30 2018

Convergence’s new warcaster is out and he is a powerhouse. Check out Orion everybody!

What Is It?

This is Eminent Configurator Orion, a new warcaster for Convergence. He is extremly flexible and can make ranged or melee oriented battlegroups successful unlike other Convergence casters. He has a 28 point sized battlegroup. He has one of the greatest toolkits to handle almost any situation. Lets take a look at why he might be the most prepared caster ever.


Just look at this huge laundry list of goodies:

Configuration: Need MAT or RAT <check>
Field Marshal: Repostion 3″. It’s not as cool as some of the other convergence field marshall abilities. But, still amazing.
Polarize: His gun has the ability to push or pull models nearby the model it hits. It could win games by pushing stuff out of zones or pulling targets closer.
Avenging Force: Kill one of his buddies and his jacks can make a vengeance move.
Forced Induction: Need to clear infantry swarms <check>
Mage Sight: Need to see stealth or through woods <check>
Magic Bullet: Need to kill far back support <check>
SpellPiercer: Need Magic weapons and to ignore enemy buffs <check>
Oblivion Configuration: Need to hit something or boost damage <check>

We think this guy can handle almost any situation. We can’t state enough how excited our Convergence players are for this guy.

A Sample List:

This list brings the best of both worlds.  A bunch of jacks and a bunch of shield guards.  Shooting armies will have a hard time doing real damage until all the shield guards are gone.  Heavy infantry lists will have a hard time with all the electrical damage flying their way.  The Inverter is a great target for Avenging force.  Being able to get a knockdown with a nasty threat range when combined with the vengeance move and the threat extension of the Conflux is potent.


Convergence Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Destruction Initiative

(Orion 1) Eminent Configurator Orion [+28]
– Assimilator [16]
– Corollary [6]
– Inverter [15]
– Modulator [10]
– Modulator [10]
– Prime Conflux [37]
Attunement Servitors [0 (4)]
Attunement Servitors [0 (4)]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [5]
Elimination Servitors [0 (3)]
Elimination Servitors [0 (3)]
Optifex Directive [4]


~What do you think of Orion? We think he can handle a lot of the main threats out there. Please share in the comments below.

Author: Revenant
  • Convergence: Prime Axiom 101