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SW: Darth Vader Will Kill You In Legion

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Jan 31 2018

Star Wars Legion must be getting closer, because we have a preview of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

That’s right, legendary lord of the Sith, clad in black armor, whose imposing figure looms large over even the Death Star. Able to kill you with the power of the force or a tray (if he so desired), Jeff Vader is an imposing figure, who when not running the Death Star or enjoying a nice penne alla arrabiatta, will lead your forces to victory on battlefields across the galaxy.

via FFG

He’s so powerful he doesn’t even need to face the camera.

So let’s look at what Sir Lord Baron von Vaderham is capable of doing when he takes to the battlefield. First and foremost, here’s his card.

At 200 points, Vader is a beast and then some. Armies in SW Legions are 800 points, so that’s a statistically significant chunk of your points. But you definitely get what you’re paying for. Jeff there is swinging six red dice around, which is more than enough to kill Mr. Stevens, head of catering. Impact 3 means he can take on even heavy vehicles, turning up to three of his hits into crits; Pierce 3 means he can cancel up to 3 blocks. And it’s FFG, so, we know that the red dice are the best ones for fighting with.


With eight health, and the Deflect ability allowing him to not only avoid hits (if he has a dodge token), but turn them back on his opponents, Vader stands a good chance of making it to his opponents unharmed. But–speed is his weakness. He’s slow–he uses the speed-1 movement tool, which means he’ll have a hard time getting there. Things like relentless will help make sure he gets there though, being able to attack after double moving is a good start, but you’ll have to be careful with him.

Of course, all of this is just the base Vader. It’s the Force Upgrades that really let you add peas to the penne. Lord Vader of Cheem can make good use of the power of the Force to wreak havoc on those who dare stand in his way. First up, you’ve got Force Choke, obviously.

The ability to just wound a guy lets you pick off troopers, and specifically heavy weapons guys as you close on in. Saber throw is another option, which lets you throw your lightsaber at someone, giving Vader a ranged option even if it does only use three of his six dice.

And then of course there’s my personal favorite, Force Push.


This one lets you push or pull units around–you use the speed-1 movement tool and move that enemy unit (as I understand it). So if you really want someone to be right at hand for all that lightsabering, that’s a good way to go. Or push a dug-in unit out of cover. Or in range of your other troops. There’s all kinds of options that this one opens up.

And when backed up by trusty Stormtroopers (who are fast and precise), the only thing Vader will have trouble doing is finding a tray that isn’t wet.

Did they dry them in a rainforest?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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