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Toyland: Warcraft’s Kilrogg Deadeye is Ready to Play

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Jan 19 2018

Kilrogg Deadeye sacrificed his left eye for a chance to see his grim future. What will you sacrifice to own him?

The dim, green space distortion of the Portal fades, unveiling the place. Mossy rocks, lush vegetation, behind the Portal turns out to be a familiar, memorable forest, evoking an illusion of homeland. However, the warrior’s vigilance dispels that false sense of comfort and Kilrogg Deadeye makes his first step towards establishing a new home.

Based on the movie settings and props, our best team, equipped with top production technology, has produced an exquisite Kilrogg Deadeye statue that’s about 75cm tall. This product is mainly made of high-grade Polystone, with dead-on details of the character’s dynamics, armor, belt, staff, and even skin texture! The costume is made with real fabric and genuine leather for film-accurate texture and color. Complex hair implantation process is used for the head sculpt. The scene selected is of the Orcs passing through the Portal, arriving at Azeroth for the first time. With the vegetation, rocks and numerous forest elements from the film, the environment looks and feels thoroughly film-accurate!

DAMTOYS Epic Series Kilrogg Deadeye Premium Statue:  bringing you an all-new experience of stunning visuals! Definitely not to be missed!


via DamToys

Kilrogg Deadeye – Price and Release Date TBD

Product details

  • Product no.: DMLW06
  • Product Category: Epic Series Premium Series
  • Statue dimension: 29.5” H 750mm (overall height) x 19.29” W 490mm (overall width) x 18.94” D 481mm (overall depth)
  • Packaging: TBD
  • Net weight: 16.64kg (~36lb)
  • Expected to ship: TBD
  • Retail price: TBD
  • Barcode: 6970569623658
  • Product Material
    • Costume: Fabric, genuine leather, real feather
    • Head sculpt, body, accessories: Polystone and PVC
    • Base: Polystone

~As a longtime Warcraft fan, I’m STILL conflicted if I should see the movie or not.

Author: Matt Sall
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