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AoS: Dread Solstice Week 1 Ends, New Rules Arrive

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Feb 22 2018
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The first weeks results are in – time to see the results of the player decisions unfold…

Week One of the Dread Solstice Campaign is over and the first week results are in. If you’ve been following the votes, then you probably noticed that Skull was in the lead as of yesterday – well, they ended up winning the vote. So what does that mean? Let’s take a look!

via Games Workshop

“The fates have been woven, and your decisions have borne gruesome fruit! Last Thursday saw the Dread Solstice kick off with a bang, and since then, thousands of results have been registered in stores across the world in this crucial opening chapter of the Global Campaign. With week 1’s results now tallied, we can confirm that, rather than heeding the Malign Portents or taking advantage of them, you voted to destroy the naysayers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this will be good news for Nagash and his legions. Turns out that getting rid of those who are spreading word of the portents isn’t going to make the momentous ripples emanating from Shyish go away…”

Week 1 Dilemma & Options

The Results

Since the Skull option won, it had a direct impact on the campaign moving forward. For Week 2 the following rules are in play:


If you like that Balefire Blade, you might like to know this piece of info as well:

via Warhammer Community

“Throughout the campaign, we’ve seeded a number of hidden artefacts, each offering great power for their associated Harbinger. This week, your choices have uncovered the Balefire Blade – a deadly sword that’ll be available to Knights of Shrouds even after the campaign is over! Choose carefully, as there are still more artefacts to be found…”

Week 2 Options

This week doesn’t have a new dilemma, but players can still choose one of three options:


Again, players can vote for Drake, Eye, or Skull by registering at your local store and reporting results or participating in painting challenges. This event really does come down to the players and how they vote! So get those games and get those votes in if you want to have an impact.

A Quick Observation

Last week, it wasn’t super clear which side what which – we had an idea that Phoenix was probably a vote for Order and Skull was a probably a vote for Death. That seems to have been confirmed based on the results. However, notice the icons? They look different this week. Now that could be a subtle hint or it could just be GW trying to keep things interesting visually. But now that we know hidden artefacts are on the line that might just sway some votes! That certainly makes me want to vote for my faction’s harbinger a bit more…

So which option are you going to vote for this week and why?


Author: Adam Harrison
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