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AoS: Unboxing Morathi, Queen of Shadows

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Feb 25 2018
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Morathi, Shadow Queen, leads the Daughters of Khaine with an iron heart. Take a closer look!

We sit down with the shadow queen herself–whether she’s the high oracle of Khaine, or the monstrous gorgonesque serpent creature that is her true form, Morathi is vengeful and beautiful and deadly. Her models are highly detailed, let’s take a look!


Morathi is a really impressive kit. Both models have incredible detail to them–a lot of little things that are truly surprising. Little details really pop out, like the ruined pillar she’s curled around in her monstrous form, and how it’s echoed in the base Morathi’s high oracle form.

Or there’s the runes engraved on the underscores of her serpent form, or the filigree of the metal wings she wears. Basically, Morathi has a lot going on, whatever form. And rules wise she’s a beast, literally. You can find a full preview of her rules elsewhere, but the gist of it is that Morathi starts off with her sorceress form, and has some powerful magic, and the iron heart of Khaine (whom she killed) which keeps her alive long enough to enrage and transform into her true form, which is even harder to kill.

Morathi $130

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Morathi. She comes as 2 different miniatures, both of which are included: the High Oracle of Khaine, her aelven form, and The Shadow Queen, her true, monstrous form. The High Oracle of Khaine is an icily beautiful figure, wearing ornate leather and metal armour. In a gloved hand she holds her magical spear, Heartrender, pointing it toward an unseen enemy. Behind a large, metal headdress, her long, serpentine hair cascades down her back – upon closer inspection, this is laced with wicked barbs and blades. Her wings fan out from her back, dripping with blood from every point.

The Shadow Queen is another prospect entirely – standing almost 3 times taller and posed in a far more aggressive manner, this miniature will make a splendid centrepiece for any Daughters of Khaine collector. In this form, her furious serpentine aspect dominates, with the lower half of her body given over to a long, sinister snake-form which coils and twists around a massive stone column. Her top half wears the same armour, with the same headdress and Heartrender – but her hair has been replaced by snakes, and the wings have become expansive and scaly, with huge chitinous points ready to impale the unwary. The base features an unfortunate aelf, turned to stone and broken in half by Morathi’s gaze.


Morathi comes as 59 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base and a Citadel 40mm Round base.

Every time she transforms, you realize rhere’s more than meets the eye with Morathi…


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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