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Geekery: Sony Provides a First Look at ‘Venom’ – Kind Of

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Feb 9 2018

Eddie Brock and a fancy container of black goo make their first appearance in this new teaser.

This look at the movie is pretty shallow, and it’s not really interesting. Both of which are bad when you’re trying to pitch a Spidey free Venom movie to fans.


There have been some complaints that we don’t really see Venom in this. Part of the reason for that, I’m sure, is that they’re not far enough into post to show off an awesome looking final shot. I hope we don’t see a ton of him in previews, to be honest. Studios have been really bad about showing a movie’s best moments in trailers in ways that make the theater experience less exciting. I know the Symbiote take over is going to happen – save it for the theater, please and thank you.

All of that said, it’s possible to make a compelling trailer that excites fans without revealing too much. This is not that.

When it comes down to it: this is a Sony produced movie. Their track record with the Marvel IP they have isn’t all that great. Ruben Fleischer is in the director’s chair; Jeff Pinkner (Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Scott Rosenberg (Con Air) teamed up on the screenplay. At least they didn’t go with Topher Grace again.

Venom hits theaters in October 5th.


Author: Mars Garrett
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