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Mansions of Madness: Sanctum of Twilight Scenario Preview

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Feb 28 2018

The Silver Twilight Lodge is hosting a parade but it’s not all it appears to be – do you dare enter the Sanctum of Twilight?

We’ve talked about Mansions of Madness before and how it does a great job of being a hybrid game that artfully uses both the board and the app to create a better over-all experience. Now, Fantasy Flight Games is previewing a scenario from the upcoming expansion Sanctum of Twilight!

Fans of the Arkham Files Universe, get ready to take on the Silver Twilight Lodge in a “roving battle” in the Twilight Diadem. The scenario takes place during the annual Silver Twilight Fair – a parade that is hosted by the Silver Twilight Lodge. For the uninitiated, the Silver Twilight Lodge is a powerful organization in Arkham. It’s members are made up of the wealthy elite – business owners, politicians, and the “upper crust” of Arkham socialites. While they offer social connections and status, there is something much more sinister going on under the surface.


Every year at the Silver Twilight Fair, a Twilight Ball is thrown and a Queen of Love and Beauty is crowned. Last year’s Queen went missing mysteriously and the Lodge worked to keep it quiet. This year’s Queen is Mary Ann Chase and she believes something is going on and has approached the investigators for help. Can you intervene and help her before the Lodge claims another victim?

via Fantasy Flight Games

One of the great things about the app-assisted game play is that it keeps track of a lot of the “fiddly bits” of the game. It can also help randomize the parade floats that the players will be interacting with. This scenario is also unique because of how the parade interacts with the players and the map:

Sanctum of Twilight introduces a new map element in the form of parade floats that move throughout the scenario and overlap other map tiles. When one of these overlapping tiles is placed, all figures, tokens, and cards maintain their positions on the map, and while the overlapping tiles in this expansion cannot cover an entire space on the board, all people along the parade route must move aside to allow the floats to pass. If a figure or card would be covered by an overlapping tile, your investigators must decide as a group where to place them within the space so they won’t be covered.



The scenario also introduces another new mechanic for the investigators to use: Binding Spells. These allow players to place a restraint token on the map which can keep a monster bound in place. That will be very handy as you’re trying to move through the crowded streets.

But be warned – Binding Spells are double-sided cards and there is always a cost to use spells in Arkham. These spells might save your life…or they could end up causing you just as much harm as the creatures you’re trying to defeat!

If you’d like to read more about the scenario, you can check out the full FFG article HERE. Additionally, we’ve gotten to take a quick look at a pair of investigators that are also included in the expansion. Sanctum of Twilight is up from Pre-order now!

Sanctum of Twilight $29.95


Within the lavish rooms of the Silver Twilight Lodge, the most influential citizens of Arkham gather to forge business alliances, plan parades, and lobby politicians. In secret, they also meet to enact forbidden rituals with dark consequences. The poor souls who discover this truth often vanish, never to be seen again.

Sanctum of Twilight is an expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition that unites two new investigators against the Order of the Silver Twilight in two thrilling scenarios. With new spells, items, mechanics, and a new monster, this expansion immerses players in the Arkham Files universe as they confront the dangers threatening Arkham from within.


Will you take on the Order of Silver Twilight Lodge and expose them or will they outmaneuver you and claim another life?

Author: Adam Harrison
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