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PP: Frogs, Bogs, And Tyrants, Oh My!

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Feb 11 2018
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Check out what’s new this week from Privateer Press!

More of the Blindwater Congregation this week, plus the new sculpt of Lord Tyrant Hexeris is out at last. So whether you’re gunning for gatormen (who will absolutely unleash the power of the swamp upon you) or a new version of an old favorite Warlock for Skorne, there’s some pretty cool stuff out this week. Check them out.

via Privateer Press

Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron$27.99

The boil master is terrifying to look upon as he stirs his spirit cauldron, a large cast-iron pot full of a bubbling, sickly soup of melted fat, body parts, and blood. The boil master feeds this cauldron a steady supply of dead and dying meat in order to coax forth the feral spirits of decay and death, happily chopping up any who draw near lured by the fragrant smell of the stew.

Croak Trappers$14.99

Adapting the hunting techniques they once used to secure food for their tribes, croak trappers wield nets and daggers to bring down a new sort of prey. Prowling through stream and river to surprise their quarry, trappers hurl their nets to ensnare a victim before descending on it with a flurry of dagger blows.

Lord Tyrant Hexeris$17.99


A master mortitheurge, Hexeris is unrivaled in the manipulations of life and death. He has lost the ability to empathize with the living and now sees them as machines with precisely analyzed thresholds for potential, injury, and pain. Those who speak to him leave feeling tainted, for his eyes pierce through to their immortal essence. Hexeris is skilled in battle and is strong enough to have been a Cataphract if his mind had not destined him for a darker path.

It makes you wonder what Lord Tyrant Hexeris would think of the Blindwaters–would he try and engineer them, or turn them into leather goods? I give it 50/50 odds.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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