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Star Wars Legion Is Coming and I am Ready

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Feb 2 2018
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Legion is coming very soon. Prepare yourself.

FFG’s new game Star Wars Legion finally has a release date, March 22, and I am stoked! Lets take a quick look at some of whats coming and why I am so excited.

The Game I’ve Dreamt Of

When it comes to Legion there are few games I’ve ever been this excited about. Legion is the game I’ve, not so secretly, wanted my whole adult life, and most of my childhood. A full fledged Star Wars tabletop game? Sign me up! As an avid Star Wars fan I’ve gobbled up various versions of Star Wars games. From brief brushes with the ancient West End Games products, to exploring the various Wizards of the Coast versions, to simply making up rules with Legos. All of these previous games, with the exception of the West End Games version which, sadly, I was too young for during its short life, failed to scratch what I really wanted. As a pretty hardcore miniatures gamer I wanted the full experience, something like Warhammer 40K, with building and painting and massive armies and deep rules. Legion is looking like it can delver on all that.

Rapid Fire Releases

One of the big complaints people have had with other FFG minis games, X-Wing, Armada and Runewars, is the slow pace of releases. For all of these games FFG put out a rocking starter set that got people hooked. However their follow up to them was mixed at first, with it sometimes being months before players could add to their forces. Take Armada for example. The Core Set came out in March of 2015, but the first expansions didn’t hit till May adding only two new ships to the game. Wave Two, which really broke the game open didn’t come out for another half a year, in November.

While these long waits are a natural part of a game release cycle, they can kill interest in a new game while it’s still in the crib. FFG seems to have learned this lesson with Legion however. Not only the core set, but a total of eight expansions are going on sale in March. In addition to these, they’ve announced even more upcoming sets that it looks like will be hitting stores soon after. It looks like FFG is pushing hard to get out a really solid base for the the game ASAP. Which is awesome and should help it compete with other offerings in the niche right out of the starting gate.


Amazing Models

Simply put the models that FFG has shown off so far look amazing. The models are true to Star Wars, beautifully sculpted and full of details. They also look like they paint up really nice. I love some of the little touches they’ve added in, such as having one of the members of the Rebel Troopers team be a Duros. Of course the standout model from the launch wave has got to be the huge AT-ST. From the pictures we’ve seen this iconic warmachine will some be coming to life on your tabletops. It’s huge and detailed and any fan of the movies should be looking forwards to getting their hands on this model.

A Galaxy Full Of Potential

One of the really exciting things about Legion is just how much potential this game has. While we are already seeing some of the iconic units brought to life, FFG has a pretty limitless well of units to adapt to the table top. Since FFG has never been shy about drawing things from the old EU they can adapt heroes, villains and mooks galore from those stories. Or if they want to stick with the current canon, they’ve still got options. The new movies have a ton of great ground troops to add to a game. Or just look at the prequel era. The Clone Wars show has 6 whole seasons featuring tons of ground combat. From Battle Droids, to ARC Troopers, to a host of famous Jedi, there are just so many things I want to see brought to the table top. More and bigger vehicles , and maybe, just maybe, an X-Wing? One can hope.

Are you ready for Legion? Let us know down in the comments!


Author: Abe Apfel
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